Pencil Pouch Storage For Puzzles




Back to school season is upon us! Are you cheering?

Personally, I love back to school season. It’s such a fresh start. Back to school brings routine; organization and an infusion of fun too. All good things. All things that are smile-worthy for mamas and kiddos alike.

During this season I always make it a point to capitalize on back to school sales. I stock up on supplies we’ll use for crafts and other after school activities. After all, informal learning opportunities are often the most fun! The ones that really stick. The ones kids fall in love with. So, rather than rush to the TV when schoolwork ends, I aim to have a few exciting options for my littles ones to choose from. And a non-messy snack. Because tummies always growl in the afternoon!

A frequent favorite around here is puzzles. Puzzles are AMAZING practice when it comes to fine motor skills, patience, problem solving, and spacial awareness. They engage both the right and left side of the brain and that makes little neurons fly! So, when my kids ask for a movie after school, I offer a puzzle party complete with one of their favorite snacks instead :)

And they always oblige!

Our massive puzzle love means we’ve gathered quite the collection over the years … all the way from beginner board puzzles to the current favorites that range from 100-150 piece. To avoid an entire puzzle closet of different size boxes and bags, I’ve decluttered and simplified with this tiny hack thanks to back to school season.


Here’s how you can turn pencil pouches into puzzle storage too …

  • Trim the photo of the completed puzzle from the box
  • Buy a zippered pencil pouch during back to school season
  • Add the photo and all the puzzle pieces to the pouch
  • Zip and store standing up in an accessible basket or two

When your kids are ready for an after school activity serve up the puzzle basket and a snack like Goldfish®. Not only are they delicious, but they won’t create a sticky mess. No doubt, puzzles and Goldfish® go hand in hand. Those two things together pair undercover learning, a smile-worthy snack, and fun for everyone involved!





Get inspired by more smile worthy fun from Goldfish as you prepare for back to school at your home!

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