Happy Halloween!

I am not a Halloween person. It’s just not my jam. Spookiness. Scary things. It’s just not fun. But, the kids do love dressing up so we usually join in the Halloween spirit for that.

This year, we went all out. It’s the first year I haven’t had a super little one, been packing to move, or overall too exhausted to put in the effort. So, we joined forces with my bestie and her kiddos and brought the wonderful wizard of Oz to life!

It was so much fun! We have been planning for a year! We bought many items on clearance at the end of last Halloween season and thrifted lots to fill in the gaps. My mom made my giant tulle skirt – love her! The flying monkey costumes were the only pieces we splurged on. And we figure we can resell those to recoup our investment.

With Halloween being on a Thursday this year we couldn’t manage to get together on the actual day (we live a few hours apart), so we staged a pre-Halloween gathering and photo shoot and will cherish these fun photos for AGES to come!

And, who knows, maybe someday Leah and I, while roommates in a classy retirement home, will don our Glinda and Wicked Witch costumes once again.

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