The Most Mom Friendly Jumpsuit Ever

First, would you look at that fence?!?

Dominic is making so much headway! This week, I suspect, I’ll be able to open the back door and let the kids run free without worry that they’ll take off on a too far away adventure :)

Now, on to this fabulous little number from Old Navy!

I tried on no less than ten jumpsuits trying to find just the one. I didn’t think I had many parameters, but it turns out, I’m a little jumpsuit picky.

So, here’s the winner >>> Boucle-Knit Waist-Defined Jumpsuit!

The material is thick, not see through at all. It’s still breathable though, totally fine for summer. It’s soft and, here’s the kicker, you can wear a regular bra with it thanks to the tank straps AND breastfeed in it. The V-neck actually has a snap for open access.

I paired it with these my ultra comfy Rockports (AKA chic grandma shoes) and my favorite Noonday earrings and Stella + Dot bracelet. Done and done!

My Rockports are a retired style it seems, but there are a few similar options (one, two, three, four) and cross my heart, you will not find a better pair of sturdy sandals.

For me, jumpsuits are definitely a trendy item. I don’t think I’ll wear them often or long-term … I don’t know, we’ll see. It is REALLY comfy. Like church appropriate pajamas, lol! My point is, I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a jumpsuit. I used my Old Navy SuperCash and got this for just over $20. I picked up this butterfly one too, but am on the fence; just not sure if I have something to wear it too and I don’t really need more pretty things just hanging in my closet. It’s a gorgeous pattern and I love the flutter sleeves though. Decisions decisions …

Ok, final note about jumpsuits – after all my try-ons I’ve 100% determined that I have a long crotch to shoulder measurement. If you too have a long torso and jumpsuit wedgies aren’t your thing, definitely shop at Old Navy because their jumpsuits come in tall sizes online!

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