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Who else is just smitten with fall?

Two hands, two boots, and a venti pumpkin spice americano with extra cream way WAY up for me! 

Currently, the crew and I stay home a lot (because it’s hella hard to leave with 4 people fully clothed, fed, and happy). But, when cabin fever strikes I just have to remind myself to get dressed, get out, and breathe that fresh, fall air. It’s so perfect. Even when it rains. I love it. Fall in Washington is just … xoxoxo. Why xoxo? Well, I’ve lost so many brain cells between pregnancy and children that I can’t think of the right word and xoxo just seems to fit.

Now, some recent favorites! A long list of this and that just for you on this fine, fall day …

This is going to be our family “To Read” Christmas gift.

With three boys I’m probably going to need something like this. Or this

Supposedly the best sugar cookie recipe, especially for cookie cutters!

I want to outfit all my littles in Rivet Kids!

This happened to me bad after Reid. Postpartum can be so rough.


Totally turning Dom’s old iPhone into an iTouch type of thing so Jemma can listen to audiobooks. This will make it perfect :) She’s gonna LOVE me!

We just bought a second hand hiking backpack child carrier (for Dom to wear Reid) so of course I’m all about the camping hacks now :)

These are on mega sale … definitely something my kids would love when they’re outdoors.

“I’ve learned a lot over the years about loss. Both from healing of my own and witnessing it with others. I’ve learned to reach out. Ask the question “how are you today?” Ask the question again and again. I’ve learned to just listen. Listen for as long as needed.” Beautiful words from Micki at Puget Sound Birth Center in honor of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. You can read her whole post here.

This dress is coming in the mail to me. I’m hopeful! Maybe to wear for Eli’s baby dedication in December … 

Fevers. Uh. But good to know.

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