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Eli Anthony, newborn photo session by mama, 12 days old

It’s in the way your whisper soft breath falls on my chest. Consistent and calm.

It’s in the way your fingers curl around mine. Small and smooth.

It’s in the way, you, every bit, is perfect. Born unique. All you, part of me, part of us.

I can close my eyes and see you in a month, a year, ten years, even fifty. I told your daddy yesterday that so much of me wants time to both speed up and stop. He agreed. Because he is sentimental too. You are our last, our finale. So things feel different with you. And special.

You, my little love, are a perception of both the life we live, full of your big sibling’s tears and laughter and chatter, and the life we will come to know. Because you are you and you will add so much to who we are. Without you, we are not us.

That’s the beauty of learning and growing as a family. Right as we felt a balance and a settling, you arrived. Such a false perception to thing that as a family of five we were complete. We were far from. We were missing you.

I never knew if I’d arrive at the place where done felt right. It seemed foreign and final; somber and silent. An end I didn’t want to accept. Like closing the door on my birth years would close the door on my most fulfilling journey. But instead of feeling empty, I feel full. You are launching us into a new season. One that will eventually yield less diapers and fewer nap times. We are growing up together and in the blink of an eye we’ll have more conversations, more adventures, and countless more opportunities to know each other. Really truly know each other. Until then, my little one, I’ll hold you close through these slow days. I’ll let the quiet speak volumes. I’ll cherish these short years. I’ll capture all your tiny perfections. I’ll love you. I’ll love you dearly.

It’s in the way I feel your heart beat. So true. So strong. Echoing mine.

It’s in the way I can’t stop smiling when you’re around. You. Are. Joy.

It’s in the way I know you’re mine. Today and tomorrow. Forever.

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^^^ Nothing like ending a photo series with a cute little baby sneeze, love you E ^^^

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