The Story About Baby Four’s “Nursery”

When we moved during my first trimester I gave up hopes of having a nursery for this new baby. Maybe I was being dramatic and emotional (I was). Maybe I was lamenting the fact that we have been on the move for the entirety of my birthing years (We have). Maybe I just really want to build the house that we’ve been hoping to build since I was pregnant with Max 5 years ago (I do, really bad).

All that to say. There is no nursery for baby. 

But, we have made space for baby.

A really sweet little space if you ask me …


We’re currently renting and just weeks away from finalizing a gorgeous piece of property where our new home will be built. And where all the walls will be light, bright, and probably white! I’m leaving the tragic tan of rental life behind as quickly as I can! Overall, this rental suites us just fine. I love the kitchen layout. The laundry room is mega small which makes me stay up on that endless chore. The backyard is fenced and super fun for homeschool recess. The master is definitely bigger than most which works great for this season our family is in because that is where Mama, Daddy, and the 2 little boys will reside. That’s right. We’ve got a king and two cribs snuggled up in one bedroom! Room sharing for the win!

Really, if I could have it another way, I wouldn’t. I’ve always preferred to have my babies close by as they sleep. I sleep better and so do they. At the new house, Reid will graduate and likely bunk with Max, but for now it’s Mama, Daddy, Reid, and soon-to-be baby! 

When we first moved, Reid’s crib was on my side of the bed. A few weeks ago, we shuffled things around and Dominic converted Reid’s crib into a toddler bed. Now Daddy and Reid are bedtime buddies and the new baby’s mini crib is on my side. Dominic always happily takes on the toddler when a new baby arrives and he has totally lucked out with Reid because that little boy has been sleeping through the night for a long time now!

So, that’s the story of how we ended up with this set up. Being in a rental made some decisions easy/non-negotiable. We weren’t going to put in a request to paint and we don’t have a full room to decorate. Do the tan walls drive me bonkers? Yes. Is the only source of natural light a too tiny window for this size of room? Yep! Did I think long term with colors and what I wanted to eventually transfer into the new house? Definitely. Am I pretty in love with the boys’ mattresses, decor, and the coziness that is this room full of space to *hopefully* snooze the night away? Absolutely! 

Here it is! Our master bedroom nursery combo! 


Adios tan! So much prettier! 



But, ’tis the season of tan. And without this segment of tan life, we wouldn’t be on our way to where we’re going! And really, I’m the only one who cares. I’m pretty sure baby won’t give a lick as long as we’re close and cozy. And that, we will be!








Here’s the scoop on all the details!

Cribs and Mattresses

Reid’s crib/toddler bed is from IKEA, the SUNDVIK style. Baby’s is the Babyletto Origami Mini Crib in grey. Both boys have amazing mattress from Naturepedic – love love love these for my kids! Jemma and Max have twins from Naturepedic too. You can see their room tours from our last house here and here. Reid’s is the Lightweight Organic Cotton Classic 2-Stage Crib Mattress. It is firm, but comfortable and filled with a blend of organic kapok and cotton blending. Baby has the Organic Cotton Portable Crib Mattress which fits perfectly in the mini crib. It is made from organic cotton and covered with a safe waterproof coating. That’s what I love most about Naturepedic, they take care of all the details. I know with them, I can trust that my babies are sleeping on something pure, soft, and healthy. 


When I announced my pregnancy, Andrea at Chickadee Baby Co offered to gift me a custom mini crib quilt. I browsed her style and, well, this girl, has it going on! We corresponded about my “vision” for this little one’s space and I just adore how it all turned out! I love the fabric from Wee Gallery and the varying striped design is modern and very “boy” in my opinion. Once we bought the mini crib I started searching for a coordinating crib sheet, but, alas, there aren’t many options in this size. So, I asked Andrea if I could order a custom size crib sheet and she didn’t hesitate to take on the challenge. With coordinating fabric, she whipped up a mini crib sheet that fits perfectly. Love it all! 

On baby’s wall I’ve got a simple trio of items …

  • Macrame – I thought about ordering supplies and making one myself, buuuuuuut, this is baby four and I decided that I don’t really have the time or patience for a new hobby. Amazon Prime to the rescue.
  • Wolf – This is actually what started the whole outdoor/forest theme.
  • Framed Scripture – My one DIY. I got an old hymnal from a garage sale, cut a page to 5×7 and scripted a section of 2 Corinthians 3:17 on it. Done and done.

On Reid’s wall …

  • Pray Quote – Found this at Hobby Lobby and it seemed to fit perfectly. Both with Reid’s space and his personality. Plus, Just it will transfer well to the boy’s shared room when we move. 

And then there are some extras, both functional and fun …

  • Motorola Video Monitor – If we’re room sharing, I bet you wonder why I need a monitor, right? Well, the routine usually goes that I put everyone to bed and then head to the office to get my work done in the peace and quiet. So, technically, my littles spend half of their night alone. I’ve already put the Motorola MBP855 Connect to use with Reid and can vouch for how awesome it is! The color screen is vivid and I get a great connection around the house. It’s top notch and the best monitor I’ve ever used (and with this being my fourth baby, I’ve tried out a fair share of what’s out there).
  • Blanket Bin and Swaddles – Big minimalist points for me, I got rid of all the swaddles that didn’t fit in this Cloud Island storage bin! Down to just the favorites … a few aden +anais bamboo ones, Tula bamboo, Tippy + Toes, and a new Ollie Swaddle we got to review that I can’t wait to try. Oh, and then there is the black textured beauty from KB Cute Designs that I’m planning to wrap baby up in very first! It has stretch like no other!

Mama and Dad’s Stuff

Our bed is vintage. The duvet set is from West Elm. Nightstands are IKEA and lamps are eons ago Target. Such a basic collection, I know. In the corners of the room that you can’t see we have a Costco glider, this refurbished changing table with new black knobs, and a Hemnes dresser that hold both boy’s clothes.  

Baby, we can’t wait for you to arrive and fill this space with your sweetness! That’s when the really cute photos will begin!

It was a honor to partner with Naturepedic, Chickadee Baby Co, and Motorola through gifted products. Our room wouldn’t be complete without them and we are so thankful for their sponsorship! 

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    Oh dear goodness, the space really is so precious!

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      Thank you! I love how it came together.