Goldfish Math Dominoes

Who’s feeling a little cooped up with all this crazy winter weather?

In the Pacific Northwest we’ve had snow, ice, and … you guessed it, lots and lots of rain. That has led to more inside days than not and even though I’m pretty good at limiting screen time, my crew somehow thinks that cozy winter days mean extra movies.

And they do! Buuuuut, not non-stop like Max would vote for :)

This all leaves dear old mom striving for activities that are fun, entertaining, and *gasp* a little educational! 

And, this week we hit the jackpot with Goldfish Math Dominoes! It was the perfect mix of crafting, learning, and snacking! Everyone was happy! There were big time smiles all around. And that’s the perfect combo, if you ask me!


If you’re aiming to fill your winter days with a new, smile worthy activity, here’s everything you need to know to put Goldfish Math Dominoes into action! Jemma gave this activity two thumbs up and has asked to get it out multiply times this week. She said, “Mom, this math practice is really creative! And delicious!” 

And to that I said, “Thank you, thank you very much!” with a heroic, I-am-mom-hear-me-roar curtsy and bow. 



  • Cardstock paper cut into rectangles
  • Ruler
  • Black, purple, green, orange, and yellow markers
  • Goldfish Colors
  • Pencil and lined writing paper


Once your paper is cut into rectangles draw a black line through the middle creating a “domino”. On each side of the line, use the colored markers to add dots. These are going to turn into your math facts!

So, one side might have 6 purple dots and the other will have 3 green dots or 1 yellow dot and 4 orange dots. You get the idea :) 

Once your dominoes are complete set up your kiddo with a bowl of Goldfish Colors and tell them to get to work! No, no … I kid, DO NOT call it “work”. Call it a game. Call it snack time. Call it super fun and they’ll be allllll over it.

Here’s the steps to walk your kiddos through …

  1. Match a Goldfish on to each colored dot – purple on purple, green on green, etc.
  2. Then, add! 6 purple Goldfish plus 3 green Goldfish equals >>> 9!
  3. Have your child write their math problem and the answer on a separate piece of paper (for writing practice!) and if you want to tie in a competitive spin, only allow them to eat the Goldfish if they get the answer correct :)



Don’t let math dominoes be the end of your Goldfish activities! If you’re up for possibly winning $5000, hop over here and learn how to create your own stop motion video with your kids. It’s way easier than I imagined and Goldfish has provided some awesome ideas and tips to help get you started!


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