Pre-Disney Vacation Fun

We decided to tell the kids about our Disneyland trip 30 days before departure day. I didn’t think I could handle the excitement and question overload for much more than that :) This has turned out to be wise planning on my part, it’s truly elongating the Disney magic without over doing it.

Over the last few weeks we’ve been filling our spare time with lots of Disney-focused prep and activities to capitalize on all the upcoming fun. It has been an amazing incentive for help with extra chores and generally a good way to help Jemma remember while introducing Max to what all is to come.

Here’s a quick little round up of some pre-Disney vacation fun that you and your family might enjoy too!


Scavenger Hunt Reveal

We told the kids about our trip through a scavenger hunt. I wrote clues like, “If Elsa and Olaf visited our house, where would they go?” (the freezer) and “Where would Cinderella keep her glass slipper after the ball?” (Mommy’s closet). The kids LOVED racing around the house, under covering clues, and guessing where to go next. When they finally found their “You’re Going To Disneyland” certificates, Max yelled, “Let’s find the next clue!” We had to break it to him that there were no more clues and that he had found the treasure!

Fill In the Blank Coupons 

Rather than buy souvenirs helter skelter once we’re there, the kids have the opportunity BEFORE the trip to earn coupons for fun things like one-on-one ride dates, Disneyland donuts, extra pins from my stash, and something special from a gift shop. 

Coloring Pages

If you Google free Disney coloring pages, or the specific character your child is fond of, you’ll find tons of options! Jem loved these Alice in Wonderland ones.

Countdown App

Every day the kids ask to see my phone so they can check our Disneyland countdown app. Simple but fun! I love this picture frame idea and Mickey checklist too!

Movie Marathon

Perhaps the favorite activity thus far! When we were 25 days out I told the kids to sort all of our DVDs and choose 25 Disney movies that they wanted to watch, one each day until it was time to leave. I put them in a grocery bag and each day during lunch I close my eyes, reach in, and debut what movie we’ll be watching after nap. They have both been having the best attitudes in the morning and falling asleep so well for naps thanks to the post-nap movie excitement! 

Recipe Re-Creation

Later this week we’re planning to try out our own version of chocolate covered bananas and Dole Whip. I’m also a mad fan of homemade Monte Cristo sandwiches just like they serve at the Blue Bayou!

Plan Outfits

Adults can’t dress up as characters, but they can dress Disney-inspired! If you search Disney bounding on Pinterest you’ll find a HUGE assortment of kinda-costumes to wear while at Disneyland. I’ve got a Cinderella option in the works and Jemma is excited to match in her actual Cinderella play dress. She and I have been brainstorming all our other outfits for the week do which include matching Lularoe teacup leggings for Alice and some outfits that coordinate with our Minnie Mouse ears.

Draw Pictures

If your kids like to draw, give them Disney-inspired prompts and see what they come up with! Jemma made a gorgeous castle this week and topped it off with glitter glue! She has also been drawing tsum tsums and princesses too … I love them all!

Pretend Pin Trade

We’re pin traders and our bulk order just arrived so we’ve been busy sorting, matching, and determining what pins are for sure keeps and which ones are ready to trade away. Jemma and Max can no joke play pretend pin trading for upwards of an hour!


When you’re investing in a vacation like Disney there is no reason not to stretch out the magic! What has your family done before (or after) to help make the most of your trip?


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