Max’s Room Tour

Welcome to Max’s room!

It’s practically breaking my heart that it is finished just in time for us to pack up and move. But, perhaps its pulled togetherness will be a selling point when the house is listed? At least Max will have a fun documentation of his very first big boy room!

I designed this space to also be Reid’s future room (hence his birth announcement alongside Max’s) and it acts as Jemma’s sometimes room too depending on whether or not Max convinces her to sleep over :) Thank goodness for bunk beds, it makes things so versatile!

Ever since Max saw me putting together Jemma’s room, he got excited about my promise to fix up his big boy space soon after. For so long he was our little bed buddy (thank the Lord for king size beds!) but when I was pregnant with Reid we tried really hard to get him settled somewhere other than our bed so my pregnant self could roll over as needed. It took making this space his own for him to fully embrace his room and sleep through the night. He loves having ownership of his bed in a space filled with his things. I love that he feels secure enough to fall asleep and stay asleep in his adventure themed room. 

Before I photo bomb you with all the details from his room I want to talk for a minute about what you DON’T see. Artwork adds character and blankets make things cozy, but the underlying foundation is often the most important part of our kid’s rooms. I’m talking about the bunk bed mattresses! 

My kids sleep close to 12 hours a day between nighttime and naps. Yes, they still nap and I know how amazing that is! That means half of their day is spent on their mattresses! Last month the best part of Max’s room arrived in the mail — the Verse Organic Mattress from Naturepedic!

The Verse is a new, certified organic mattress to Naturepedic’s kid collection. It offers firm support or, in Max’s words, “berry berry comfy for good sweep”. I mean, that’s pretty much the 4 year old seal of approval! Made in the USA, the Verse is designed to be breathable to reduce overheating and is free from common allergens, glues, adhesives, flame retardant chemicals, and other questionable materials. It’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of for my kid’s mattresses! 

I’ve absolutely fallen in love with Naturepedic, not only are their products practically perfect, their customer service is personable and well-educated too. When it comes to safe sleep, Naturepedic is where it’s at! Read more about all the benefits of choosing a quality mattress for your child (and yourself too!) and enjoy this little tour of Max’s room!















It wouldn’t be Max’s room without a peek at his Ninja Turtles! And don’t you just love his fake sleep smile? This boy, I tell ya! It’s my hope and prayer that his room, no matter where it is, will be a place of calm, fun, and dreaming … both while he’s sleeping and while he’s awake. 

Here’s a round up of links for things found in Max’s room. If I miss something or if you have questions, especially about the Verse organic mattress, just ask, I’m happy to help!

Bed Details


  • Washington Map print (where both boys were born!) — c/o Minted
  • “Explore More” — Trader Joe’s greeting card
  • “M” and “R” — Hobby Lobby
  • Kraft Garland — Target Dollar Spot (last year)
  • “Act Justly” print – She Reads Truth
  • Mt. Rainier print — Brickyard Buffalo (I don’t remember the exact vendor!)
  • Scherenschnitte “Even Better” print — old calendar
  • Baby Animal Bear print — c/o Minted
  • Squirrel silouhette — made by me
  • Blue Deer — Target (practically vintage Target I’ve had it so long!)
  • Mama Fox and Baby Fox — one of Max’s baby shower cards


Other Details

I thought this would be the end of the kiddo’s room tours, but, we should be settling into a new place early in 2017 so shortly after I’ll probably share how we set things up there! I’ve prepped the kids to share a room so bunk beds will come in handy!

And, no doubt, mama and daddy will be crossing our fingers for our own Naturepedic mattress! Yep, you guessed it, there are options for adults too!


We are beyond thankful to have partnered with Naturepedic for Max’s room reveal. Other than receiving a free sample from Naturepedic, I was not paid for any of the opinions or reviews shared in this post.

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