4 Easy Ways To Boost Your Kid’s Immunity

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Cough, sniffle. Sniffle, cough. Snot, belly aches, and snuggles on the couch.

Have winter colds hit your home yet? I sure hope not! But, in all likelihood, if they haven’t yet, they will soon. That’s the rhythm of the season it seems. So, what can you do to boost your kid’s immunity and either avoid or get over illness faster? I’m gonna tell ya! Or, at least tip you off to a few of my favorite wellness strategies. This definitely isn’t a comprehensive list so feel free to comment with your go to remedies as well! easy-ways-to-boost-your-kids-immunity

Take an Elderberry Supplement — Our chiropractor introduced us to elderberry when Jemma was a baby and it has proved to be one of the most valuable items in our medicine cabinet. That stuff keeps us healthy and cuts the severity of things we do battle. Find a local option if you can! There is immunity power in consuming ingredients grown in the region where you live.

Stabilize Your Home’s Humidity — This is something new to my repertoire of healthy living! To promote wellness and reduce the likelihood of flu viruses hanging out on surfaces and in the air it is ideal to keep your home’s humidity level somewhere between 40% and 60%. You can determine what your home is currently at with a humidity monitor and then boost or maintain it with a humidifier.

Visit a Chiropractor — Part of boosting immunity is supporting your body when it’s well so when you do encounter illness your body is ready to fight. Chiropractors are pros (like, literally, professionals) at keeping your body aligned and your nervous system functioning at an optimal level. Your nervous system manages everything so keeping it in prime working condition is key to staying healthy.

Expose Them To Germs — Call me a gambler, but I don’t shield my kids from illness. Our bodies need practice fighting all the bugs out there, by exposing them to germs we give their bodies the opportunity to do what they were meant to do!






Thankfully my littles tend to stay quite healthy and honestly I do to. Is it because we’re all about boosting immunity? Do we just have good genes? Are my extreme hand washing rules paying off? I’ll probably never know the sole reason, but I can guarantee you that our elderberry, humidifier, chiropractor, and germ exposure game isn’t stopping anytime soon! It’s working too good!

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  1. Steph F. says

    You actually convinced me to look at our health store today for some Elderberry supplements :) I’ve heard of it before, but never tried – so here’s to a healthy winter!

  2. says

    I definitely am the mama that lets her little one be exposed to germs. No reason not to!

  3. Amanda says

    I’m definitely a big pusher of hand washing. Vitamins and healthy eating, too!

  4. Jamie says

    I finally got around to making elderberry gummy supplements this year. Still tweaking the recipe so they taste ‘good’ (per my kid’s requests) but so happy that we are finally boosting our immunity with that powerhouse berry.

  5. Marie Cole says

    I’ve never thought of these I mostly just have the kids drink herbal tea and eat oranges

  6. Chelsie says

    Lots of extra vitamin C and homemade bone broth

  7. livviua chandler says

    I love juice and add immune support supplement mixes to my water.

  8. Nancy Loring says

    We do the usual stuff like getting flu shots and layering when we go outside. I have also learned that staying active really helps keep the colds to stay away. It doesn’t matter what I do though because someone in my house always ends up being sick My goal is to make sure no one else catches it

  9. Kelly Tupick says

    I try to drink plenty of fluids and get plenty of rest. I also take vitamins to try and stay healthy.