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I have an easy breezy request today! 

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Butterfly Kaleidoscope

Our city is beautifying its’ streets by covering those awful green traffic boxes with vinyl artwork. A number of them are already decorated and they’re absolutely wonderful! The kids and I love looking at them as we drive around town! 

Another round of traffic boxes are going to be covered soon and the city accepted submissions for local artwork this summer. Jemma created 4 different designs and decided to submit these colorful butterflies. The 10 designs with the most likes will be fabricated and installed later this year. That’s why she needs your vote! Click here and like her design to help boost her into the top 10!

In her own words, here is Jemma’s artist statement:

I chose to draw butterflies because they are pretty. Butterflies are one of the best parts of being outside and I love seeing them when I visit the park. My butterflies are very colorful because my favorite colors are all colors of the rainbow! Butterflies are an important part of nature because they are pollinators. That means that butterflies help keep Olympia beautiful!

I named my picture “Butterfly Kaleidoscope” because that is the name for a group of butterflies. At first, I thought “Butterfly Flock”, but I have learned that different animals have different names when they are in a big group. So, my mom and I researched. We learned that a group of butterflies is called a kaleidoscope, swarm, or rabble. And for this picture, butterfly kaleidoscope sounded the best.

Ummm … isn’t she the cutest?!?

Voting is sooooooooo simple! All she needs is a like on this photo on Facebook before September 30th. Pretty please like her entry and then ask your mom, sister, husband, best friend, and coworkers to like it too! Thanks a million! xoxo

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  1. Amy Hall says

    Done! I really like hers. So happy to look at.

    • Gretchen says


  2. Lexy Overstreet Broome says

    Done! Her design is very cute. Good luck to Jemma!