Back To School With Lily Jade


It’s no secret that I love Lily Jade. These bags are truly the most versatile of any mom purse out there and recently my best friend, Leah, humored me with a photo shoot to show you just how versatile Lily Jade bags can be.

You see, Leah is a teacher who is also a mom. So, her Lily Jade serves a dual purpose — diaper bag and school bag. Whether she’s packing snacks and activities for her preschooler or heading off for a full day in 5th grade, Leah’s Lily Jade has her covered. Not many diaper bags can flawlessly make that transition! Ya’ll Lily Jade is going back to school this year!





Grade book, stickers, to do list, hand sanitizer, water bottle, protein snack, pens, gum, water, wallet, phone, and more … all of Leah’s school essentials fit perfectly! And, with room to spare for her kiddo’s schoolwork and a lunch too!



Best of all, many styles of Lily Jade convert into backpacks! Totally perfect for moms and teachers :) And, if you ask me, Leah will undoubtedly have the most hip backpack at school this coming year thanks to her Madeline!

Bag c/o Lily Jade, compliments all my own and completely sincere! You just can’t go wrong with these timeless bags!


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  1. Lexy Overstreet Broome says

    So adorable and practical

  2. Molly says

    Super cute bag!!

  3. janie vezina says

    this bag looks great, and i’m not going back to school.