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June welcomed our annual beach trip to the Washington coast. And so far July has been full of summer camps and menial, but productive home projects. It has been simple like summer should be. Once August arrives though, whoa, things pick up at breakneck speed around here! By the time we turn the calendar to September and start homeschooling I think I’ll be more than ready to return to routine. Is your summer wild too?

We were at the beach when I normally share my monthly posts so today you get an onslaught of both June and July’s posts. Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them!

The One Thing You Need To Buy For Baby That You Haven’t Thought Of

You can’t find it at Target — GASP! — but it seriously needs to be at the top of your list. I can’t stress it enough. And, if you need more information my brother-in-law can totally be of help, just shoot me an email and I’ll connect you.

6 Ways To Sell Stuff You Don’t Need Online

Since the potential of us moving in the next 1-2 years is high, I’ve been on a major purge. Things are leaving my house a record speeds. But, I’m not frequenting Goodwill, I’m making $$$ … like, hundreds in just the last month or two!

Help! My Boobs Are Exploding!

It’s such an awful vision … and reality. If you are pregnant this post about engorgement is a must read and if you’re breastfeeding, well, you can feel my pain and chime in with your tips.

How 25 Moms Knew They Were Pregnant Before Peeing On a Stick

Probably one of my most favorite posts to date! It was so fun chatting with mamas and hearing the stories of how they knew a baby was on board before a pregnancy test confirmed things.

Gassy Baby? You Might Be Breastfeeding Wrong

When you know better, you do better, and after nursing 3 kids, I’ve learned a bit about heading off big time breastfeeding obstacles. Circumventing problems like tiny tummy troubles is a must!

How To Survive Being Super Pregnant During the Summer Months

Max’s birthday is August 9th. That means 4 years ago I was HUGE right about now. Being pregnant during the summer isn’t ideal, but it’s a reality for many, and you can survive … you just have to be mindful of managing your temperature. ^^^Here’s how ^^^ or at least what worked best for me!

Last Names That Are Perfect For Baby’s First Name

I swear, I’ll be 80 years old and making baby name lists. And, to my future son and daughter in laws, I’ll apologize now for being mega opinionated about what you name my grandkids. I just can’t help it. I LOVE baby names!

My Husband Doesn’t Get Babies and That’s Ok

After 3 little ones, Dominic and I are finally on the same page. And it is soooooo good for us. 

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