Yes, There Is Joy In House Cleaning!

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Totally not pulling your leg … there can be joy in house cleaning if you look hard enough and approach it with the right heart! Now, I’m not one to be all Pollyanna about chores. Chores aren’t my first pick upon waking and by the end of the day this mama is tired with a capital T, but since it’s pretty much a given that I spend time cleaning everyday, I do try to find the joy in my daily tasks. So, less Pollyanna, more Mary Poppins. Like this …

In every job that must be done

There is an element of fun

you find the fun and snap!

The job’s a game

And every task you undertake

Becomes a piece of cake

A lark! A spree!

It’s very clear to see

Oh, Mary. I love you.

So, finding that joy. How? Well, here are my top 3 tips for finding joy in your house cleaning tasks!


What? I know, isn’t the key to house cleaning based on a schedule? Well, not for me. Sticking to a schedule drives me bonkers. I can’t do laundry Mondays and dusting Tuesdays, it’s just too structured. The only thing I do on a quasi schedule is vacuum during naps every day. Buuuuuut, more on that later :) Does no schedule mean that some chores get forgotten on occasion? Yes, but giving myself less of a schedule allows me more flexibility on how each day flows and I like that. Most days I pick one or two priorities, complete those tasks and call it good. No one should look back on their days and only remember time spent cleaning. 


Basically, I’ve got two words for you – robot vacuum. This appliance could revolutionize how I clean my floors and would truly bring me so much joy. I love nothing more than a home cleaning appliance that can work all by itself while I busy myself on another task. Or, better yet, work while I forget about that house cleaning chore all together and focus on fun! My ideal day with the kids is to start the laundry, load the dishwasher, hit start on the robot vacuum, and then head out the door for some fun in the sun!





Yep, we could stop right there because obviously Reid and his baby sunglasses just broke the Internet! But, the question of the day is how do you joyfully tackle home cleaning so you can get out into the sunshine and make real, lasting memories a la baby Reid dipping his toes in the river for the first time?

Well, here’s the secret—get yourself a robot vacuum! I never thought it was possible to love, like really really love, a home appliance, but cross my heart, you’ll never regret owning a robot vacuum. I would be the real life Jane Jetson! And really, what could be more joyful besides spending a day with your kids, than returning to a freshly vacuumed home without remnants of gold fish cracker crumbs?Hom-Bot Right Overview Black VR65704LVM

LG Electronics recently debuted a deluxe robot vacuum, the LG HOM-BOT Square Robotic Vacuum, and it is jam-packed with amazing features. Seriously, this technology is jaw dropping. 

The square design allows the LG HOM-BOT to maneuver around furniture and get nice and close to walls and corners for thorough cleaning. And, perhaps best of all, it’s quiet! Just 60dB so when I set it to work during nap time it won’t disrupt! Not to mention, it’s got a sophisticated camera system so it can map your space – no more rogue missed spots – plus it has specialty sensors that prevent it from bumping into objects. Your stuff is safe while it works on getting the dust and dirt. 

The LG HOM-BOT is available in two versions – one that acts like a regular vacuum and another with a special microfiber mop add-on that is ideal for hard surface flooring like stone and tile so choose whichever model best fits your home! Click here to check out the LG HOM-BOT Square and all it’s amazing features! #LGHOMBOT

How do you find joy in your cleaning routine? Share your tips in the comments, I wanna know! Would having a robotic vacuum add an extra dose of joy? The answer is obviously yes, yes it most definitely would!

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  1. Laura Bernard says

    I love cleaning!

  2. says

    I love cleaning and having a clean house! It’s something I pride myself in!

    • Gretchen says

      Send some of that love my way … I so struggle with it!

  3. Jennifer Kraak-Barnett says

    Okay, fancy this! I love cleaning. I love the smell of a clean home. And I take great pride in vacuuming. I unfortunately don’t see myself ever having a robot do my job. Who knows! Maybe when my Lillian hits toddler years I may change my mind, LoL!

    • Gretchen says

      Oh, yes, things changed for me big time as my kids got older!

  4. says

    Okay, so I totally need to get one! I wonder what my kittens would think? I can’t stand cleaning schedules either, I do it when I can….it’s not going anywhere. ;)

  5. Amanda smith says

    I don’t like cleaning at all! But vacuuming is my favorite cause is quick. I’ll have to look into the robot vacuums.

  6. says

    Love those robot vaccums. Especially if you’re a dog lover with hard words or tile floors, they help keep the floors free of dog hair! Thanks for the few tips!