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50mm practice

See that ^^^? I took that photo all by myself with my new lens! Things that don’t move, like plants, are my friend. Things that do move, like my children, well, they’re more difficult to capture.

A few months ago I ordered a 50mm, this one if you’re curious. It’s my first non-stock lens and honestly, I’m a little scared of it still. I really need to commit to practicing with it daily to get the hang of all it can do. Maybe one of these days I’ll do just that … someday. For now, you can all admire my pretty nature photo and browse some favorite links I’ve been collecting to share!

Adios TV — I want to do this baaaaaad

Everything about this … move. me. in.

One of my sponsors this month is giving away $500!

Adventure points – so genius!

The best home series yet

Bed time around here is usually really hectic, and I hate that. So, this summer I want to start heading to bed a little earlier so we can time to read a novel together as a family. This shall be the first!

This is on my birthday wish list

Always be prepared for accidents

I want to see one of your kiddo’s featured on #GrowingUpGerber!

I love everything she writes

I’d love to think I could live tiny, but, well, I just don’t think it’s in me

You all know I’m all about good book recommendations

Thinking on this

If you’ve ever doubted the minivan life

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