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It stinks having one of your sisters live far away. It’s like part of your heart, part of your history, is absent. Thank goodness unlimited texting came into the world, because I would have a crazy high phone bill every month if not for that upgrade! I don’t my girl, Hannah, being away one bit and regularly track the year by the opportunities I’ll have to see her. So, when she hopped a plane earlier this year, I decided to plan a fun event for our time together … a double Stitch Fix experience!


Whether your sister lives near or far, you too can Stitch Fix with your sis (or best friend or mom or whomever)! Doing it together just adds another awesome element to the Stitch Fix excitement. Here’s how to join in the fun …

  1. Complete your Style Profile. Be honest! Include links to what you love! Explain your lifestyle! 
  2. Choose your ship date, and make sure your sis picks the same one. When your box ships you’ll be charged a $20 styling fee, but that fee is applied to whatever you keep from your box so there is no losing out. 
  3. Request the same stylist if you want and/or include in the notes that you and your sister are Fixin’ together. Who knows, your stylist might include a twinning piece or complementing colors so you can have a little sis photo shoot!
  4. On delivery day, unbox those gems together! Thankfully, Hannah and I got to do this in person, but I think it would be fun to do a FaceTime reveal too.

I’d share photos of Hannah and I’s sister boxes, buuuuuuuut, my camera was tragically out of focus for most of our photos. I did get this beauty of H, though. She kept the olive quilted vest … it looked fabulous on her and is such a versatile piece! 

stitch fix hannah

Ready to give Stitch Fix a try? Request something special for Mother’s Day, the upcoming warm weather, or just because! And don’t forget that they have maternity pieces now. And they just added shoes! And I can personally attest that they totally listen when you request postpartum and nursing friendly items. Kick things off by completing your style profile here! Happy Fixin’!

When you sign up with Stitch Fix through my link I earn a referral credit, soooooooo, thank you!


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