DIY Wall Yarn Thingamajig

A few weeks ago I saw this pop up on The Paper Mama’s Instagram feed and I so badly wanted attend the Portland craft night. But, alas, Portland is a solid 2 hour drive for me … not home anymore. And so, I was forced to kick off a solo craft night in hopes of somewhat recreating this yarn thingamajig to hang on baby’s wall.

Wall Yarn Art DIY

Don’t judge my beige walls. I hate them more than you. 

Back to the DIY, the real important thing. Between my bestie and I, we had all the yarn on hand so this was a freakin’ cheap project! We learned to knit at the same time and over the years have collected quite the textile stash. Funny thing is, I’m an ex-knitter and she still knits like crazy. Goes to show our individual crafting commitment levels. She becomes an expert while I dabble and collect supplies. 

This explains me far too well. 

why buy

Thankfully, this project didn’t cost anywhere near $92. It was actually free! Which was why I gave it a solid attempt. Jemma found the stick on a nature walk and we swiped the nail from Dom’s work bench when we were ready to hang it up on R’s wall :) And yes, that does mean that we are feeling more and more confident about baby’s name!

If you’d like to whip up your own wall yarn thingamajig, here is what you need …

  • A branch — any ol’ one will do as long as it is straight-ish and about 12 inches long
  • Yarn — a collection of colors and textures
  • Scissors

diy yarn step by step

Cut strands of yarn, double, triples, whole bunches … you pick! Loop in half and place on top of your stick. Fish the tail through the loop and pull tight. I think that’s called a slip knot? Don’t fret about the length because you can trim it up when all is said and done. Add a little extra flair with an occasional braid or contrasting tie. Keep going until it looks just right. Or until you’re tired :) DIYs aren’t about perfection so remember, done is good. 

Hang it up, smile at a craft well done, and know that your kids WILL make fun of you for bringing back the 70’s art projects in no time at all! For now, I’ll relish in the fact that Jemma said it looks “really, really fabulous!”. yarn wall hanging


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  1. says

    Bahahaha I’m the same way with craft supplies. My poor husband, I make one decor item but spend $50 and I have to make it twice until it turns out semi-decent lol