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You know what it’s like to snuggle up in your favorite blanket with a good book and nothing on your to do list? Add a warm drink and soft rainfall pounding the windows. Maybe your (or my) favorite score playing softly in the background. That’s what I imagine it’s like when I scoop my little ones onto my hip and snuggle them close in a sling. They quiet, tuck in close and whisper. Okay, fine, sometimes Max arches his back and shrieks “I walk!” But most times, it’s calm and pure sweetness. They usually breathe deep and seem in ultimate peace. Especially Jemma. At four she can perfectly articulate her love for babywearing, “I just love being up, Mama. I love slings!”

Of course she can walk. And she does. She’s my biggest helper and a trooper whenever I need her to be. But I tote around our ring slings or carriers often because it’s mega easier to wrap them up and have my hands free than juggle a hip carry or piggyback without one. I’ll be a babywearing mama for life, I’m sure.

If you’re at all involved in the babywearing community you’ll find many mama swarms for favorite styles and brands and colors. There truly is something for everyone! Me? I’m a ring sling girl. I love me a good soft structured carrier too and like to dream that I’ll become a wrapper someday, but in my heart of hearts I love ring slings most. They’re quick and easy to get on and can easily be adjusted. They’re versatile – front, back and hip carriers, whatever suites your fancy. And most of all, they’re supportive for growing kids. Depending on the fabric, slings lay, support and wear differently. Lately, thanks to my babywearing turned toddlerwearing turned preschoolwearing experience I’ve found myself most in love with double layer silk slings.

Silk is naturally strong. Add two layers and you’re darn near unstoppable :) Toss in the most gorgeous and fabulous color (we all scream MERIDIAN!) and there is no need to ever buy a pretty shirt again. Stick with plain tees and buy more silk slings! I mean, who is swooning for AMETHYST too? Plus, the more you wear, the softer they become. This beauty is on its way to smooth butter status!DSC_0014DSC_0007DSC_0059DSC_0033DSC_0047DSC_0067

A very big thank you to Kaitlyn of Lily & Mama Market for sending the kids and I one of her lovely new silk slings. Hop over to her shop, here or on Etsy, and get ready to swoon over all the amazing colors. She has linen slings too if that’s up your alley! And don’t forget Kaitlyn’s blog!

Between today and April 24, 2015 you can use code THATMAMAGRETCHEN for $5 off any purchase at Lily & Mama Market! Shop away my friends!

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  1. says

    I love this. Penny also asks to be worn, but with Ruby not quite yet walking that also means that I’m probably already wearing her too.. But for the prettiest of pleases, this mama has born both kids at the same time. It’s the best. I’m so glad that this is something that works for us.

  2. jamie says

    i wish i could use ring slings. with our first, i tweaked my neck while holding him during a really long nap when he was about two months old. ever since then, any sort of extended uneven tension or pressure on my shoulders or neck brings the pain right back. boo!