Jemma’s Favorite Audiobooks

Jemma adores her alone time. It’s weird, because at her age, I never ever ever left my mom alone. Bless her heart. Jem and I are alike in a lot of ways, but her love for time in her room to imagine and play is all her own. It’s darling to see her entertain herself and be absorbed in her thoughts and projects. She plays with her MagiClips for hours, sets up LEGOS, reads books and then, get this, cleans everything up!

She has been napping less and less, maybe only once or twice a week now, so her quiet time has increased quite a bit since she stays in her room for Max’s whole nap. She’ll start laying down and then when she gets out of bed she writes down what time she woke up … thanks to her nifty little digit clock and a piece of paper we keep next to it :) Then, she turns on her lamp for “calm light”, picks out a CD and listens to audiobooks while she plays. 

We check most of her books on CD out from the library, they’ve got a pretty good assortment. I’ve also collected a few winners from garage sales and kid’s consignment events. Audibles (via Amazon) and our library’s free download rental program have been other avenues for finding good stories to download and burn onto CD or upload to the iPad. 

Today we wanted to share a handful of her recent favorites books on CD … Jemmas Favorite Audiobooks

Ling & Ting Share a Birthday /// Imogen’s Antlers ///  Library Lion /// The Cinnamon Bears /// Snow White & Rose Red /// The Kissing Hands /// Tallulah’s Tutu /// The Story of Ferdinand /// Finding Nemo

My personal favorite, Imogen’s Antlers … because, hello … the name Imogen is awesome! Jemma is all about Ling & Ting because the concept of twins just blows here away. 

Has your preschooler tried out books on CD? We’d love to hear your recommendations!

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  1. says

    Have you guys tried sparkle stories yet? We love them. They have a podcast but you can also do subscriptions.

  2. says

    So far we only have the Disney stories on DVD (like Nemo), but they are quickly becoming a hit. It’s a nice way to introduce some of the traditional fairytales. I’ll be sure to check out your favorites too! :)

    • Gretchen says

      Watch JBF for books on CD … best deals!

  3. says

    Oh my gosh, I used to LOVE the book Imogene’s antlers! I should try some of the books on cd… I wonder if Sylvi would like them now? She loves her little cd player and we are slowly gathering a lot of music cds these days!