Calling /// to schedule a massage and a house cleaning! WHAT?!? I won the massage in a raffle the other week (yay!) and the house cleaning has become a necessity, made possible by an Amazon Local deal. In a week’s time my baseboards are going to be sparkling!

Loving /// Beth Moore’s Children of the Day study. Like, really loving it. If you peek at the #childrenoftheday or #bethmoore on Instagram you’ll find great stuff too! And, Hebrews 11 too – it’s quickly becoming my favorite passage of Scripture.

Eating /// through a full freezer. My mom’s chest freezer died so my freezer welcomed all her freezer food. This last week we’ve enjoyed homemade meat sauce with tortellini, sweet potato curry, baked potatoes and chili and tomorrow monte cristo sandwiches.

Riding /// to the beach this coming weekend! We can’t wait. It’s our happy place. We trekked West the week after Max’s birthday and now we’re creeping up on Jem’s so she thinks this is her birthday beach trip :) I’m planning meals and planning to relax. I can already smell the salt air …

Wishing /// I had more sneak peeks of our family photo shoot from Friday. Soon! Until then, here’s a quick iPhone photo from the location I scouted out. photo-2

And a few links to share …

Here’s where I’ve been writing elsewhere lately …

That’s all for tonight! Later this week (if all goes as I plan) I’ll be sharing a favorite recipe of mine and an AWESOME giveaway from these fine folks!


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  1. sandrakohlmann says

    Great location for family pictures. I'm terrible at knowing where to take my kiddos for photographs. I look forward to seeing the results.