The Happy List

Today I’m happy because …

This girl is finally wearing goggles! I bought the $20+ ones from the pool that EVERY mom recommended, but no, my little mermaid will only wear these Ariel ones we found at the beach.

photoThis post really made me smile. It’s so so true – blogging can make you money, blogging can become a job, most of all, blogging can bring you priceless friends.

I have major love for this mother runner.

I’m extremely obsessed with this book series. I have the third and final book on hold at the library, but I’m 30 on the wait list! Not sure if I can hold out or if I’m going to cave and buy it on my Nook …

I added this to my running mix on Spotify. Going to share the whole list in a post soon!

Apparently, running is making me the most happy these days – or it could just be my new outfit that’s on it’s way because … DEAL! Only $25 for a 3 piece set – um, yes.

Max fell asleep for the very first time in his whole life without me nursing him to sleep and it was easy. No crying, just snuggled with Daddy. I knew it would happen eventually. We’ve tried a handful of times and it has always been stressful. He just wasn’t ready. And now he is. Tears. Happiness. Time flies. And now, a photo of I’ve been wanting to share of he and I, but haven’t found a good place for …


I ordered Elevation as a part of my doTERRA order this month. Calm mama on her way to a home near you!

Two months until my birthday and I think we may spend the weekend in Leavenworth! Browsing kid-friendly activities now.

I taught myself how to create a newsletter and plan to send out a monthly one all about oils! August’s newsletter includes a wonderful interview from Kate over at Nesting Elm! Sign up to get the newsletter here.

My Ebates account keeps growing. It’s soooo easy to use and I have a check for $160 coming this month. Do you know what you can buy/pay off with $160 – A LOT. Just sign up and don’t shop online without it.

Kristin introduced me to CoSchedule and Canva … I am forever indebted to her!

I figured out how to prepare a gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, half vegetarian meal for a friend who’s son is sick. It was not easy. But I did it! I made the fajitas I shared recently with Widtree taco seasoning and just cooked the veggies and meat separate. Then I got chips and guac and made my crockpot refried beans with veggie stock instead of chicken. Boom!

Your turn – what’s on your happy list?

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