All Before Bed


Walking down the stairs after tucking in Jemma and settling Max in for one of his first nights with a Daddy bedtime …

Ah, all is quiet. I’m going to relax before I hit the hay.

Wait, did I have dinner? No, I don’t think so. I guess a bowl of cereal will do. Uh, do we only have kid cereal and granola? Seriously, who does the grocery shopping around here? Oh! There’s a box of Cinnamon Life stuffed in the back of the cupboard. Gee, I need to organize up here. And dust.

Pouring cereal. Ignoring dust.

I’m totally going to have cream on this cereal. Way better. And cream doesn’t make my tummy hurt like regular milk. I really need to go dairy free. Someday. Or, find a good raw milk source. I’m going to add that to my to do list, maybe ask the local mom’s group. I’ll want to tour the farm first … when will that fit in? Or maybe I should go dairy free. Bite of cereal. Golly, this cream is divine. I’m never giving it up.

What is that? Who is yell whispering “Daddy”? Pause. It’s Jem. What did I forget? Set down cereal. March upstairs. I forgot the diffuser. Of course. We can’t live without oils around here apparently. Fill it up, turn it on, kiss the sweet girl. I love you Jemmie, go to sleep now, we’re heading to the track in the morning.

Back downstairs.

How early am I meeting Leah again? I think I said 8. That’s early. I shouldn’t stay up much later. But after I get a few things done I really want to read my book too. Maybe I’ll even take a bath. I totally need to shave my legs. Checks legs. Like, bad. But, wow, there are toys everywhere and I really need to get the berries in the freezer and maybe I should just unload the dishwasher and load these few here so I can start the morning with a clean-ish kitchen.

Speed around the living room doing a stuff style clean up job.

I really need to sort and organize all these toys. And get rid of some. Where is the Apple TV remote? I think I ended The Vampire Diaries mid episode last night. I’m just going to forget about the dishes and watch that. Wait, more whispers. This time I think they’re from the stairs …

Me: Jemma, what are you doing up?

Jemma: Well, I just think I want to snuggle you a little bit.

Me: Ok … come on down. But first, can you help me find the Apple TV remote?

We rip apart the downstairs. I text my sister. We have no luck finding it.

This is crazy, we own TWO remotes because one is always lost. Why did Apple make those so small? Yes, Jem, you can play Pet Shoppe. Only 5 more minutes though and then back to bed. Remember, running in the morning.

I need to post that to Craigslist and return that email. I think I have a Facebook message waiting to. Oh, and I’m need to make a grocery list. When am I going to fit in grocery shopping? I really don’t like going on the weekends. Maybe that will be our Monday morning adventure. I might as well pencil it in on the calendar now. Or else I’ll forget.

Gosh, next week is already BUSY! How?

The trash is overflowing and EEK! there are ants around it. I can’t stand those little summer ants. Must be the berries. Those have to get in the freezer NOW. I’m going to pop this balloon that’s the most prized toy too – it has to go into the trash eventually and tonight is the night.

Now, a new to do list so I don’t forget some of these random things I have floating in my mind. And I need to print a shipping label and finish my cereal. My soggy cereal. Uh. And hustle Jem back to bed. Why is my 3 year old up at 10:37 pm? Oh, snuggling. And Pet Shoppe. Gosh, she is just the cutest lining up all these animals and talking back and forth. Something about going to the beach and “Oh my goodness, look little doggies – you are a match! Like twins!” Every 3 year old sister needs time to play alone. And snuggle their mommy. That’s why she is up. This is our quality time – me and my little night owl :)

Ok … fill up water, find remote, settle into the couch and start a few posts. Return emails. Schedule some tweets. Then bed. And my book. I’m just going to make all these thoughts a post of their own. No way am I the only mom who does 4,000 things once “bedtime” begins. Right? Right?

Are you with me? Mamas? Is bedtime practically synonymous with go time at your house too?

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  1. Hannah says

    I’m guilty of letting the kids stay up until my to -do list for the night is done. That way when they go to bed, I’m done. Nothing makes me crankier than when I’m still “going” after bedtime. Because bedtime is mommy time :)

    • says

      We\’ve definitely extended bedtime this summer. But, ever since turning the calendar to August I\’ve started thinking about trying to get into a routine for the school year again. Yeah … just something else on my to do list!

  2. Aimee says

    This is so timely. I had a little sob fest with my mom about how it seems there is never enough time in the day and how I always feel like I’ll never catch up. Her answer- that’s motherhood, sweetheart. Guess I need to do more work on adapting to our new normal ;)

    • says

      Yes, totally a new normal! And from what I hear, it just evolves to different things over the years. You\’re not alone!

  3. Jamie says

    I get so frustrated with myself at bedtime cause after the kids go down I have 4000 things to do that I should’ve done before bed time…then none of them get done because I’m too excluded at that point…it’s an endless cycle.

    • says

      Endless cycle describes it perfectly. Tonight I tackled the kitchen and a batch of brownies for Max's party … but, that left the living room in a massive explosion. I'm finally sitting, because I must!

  4. Life Breath Present says

    Yes! Every night, even though Baby Boy won't go to bed without us, there's this frenzy I get in.

    Have the dishes been done, "Hun are you going to get those dishes", "Oh, I forgot, yes I'll get the dishes". "Son, what is this with the toys and everything all over. Stop getting into everything, help Momma clean up." (more playing and no help) The toys need to be picked up, come on Son I need your help, "get your stuff or Momma's gonna put it somewhere else". I never did read any of that book tonight. Isn't there something on the internet I need to do? Looks like the floor needs swept, again. "Why am I the only one doing everything." "I'm washing dishes." "Oh, right. Thanks, love you!" "Child, let's go, we need to brush teeth and get ready for bed." (more playing, laughing, running around the house) "Come on, you need a diaper, too. Oh, are you ready to brush your teeth? Please leave the toilet alone. No, don't flush it. Stop touching that. No, we're not playing with the duck right now. Put it back (in the tub). Come one let's brush teeth." "Tee(th)" "Hun, thanks for washing dishes, that's helpful. Are you getting ready for bed now." "Yes, I'm tired." "Son, get in bed! Now!" Shit, he needs a diaper. "Come and get the diaper on." (more laughing and running away). "Ok, fine. Momma's going to bed, goodnight." (now the whining because I'm in bed and he isn't) "Alright diaper on. No, don't take it off. Leave it alone. HUN!" "Get Your Diaper On. We're going to bed." "Ok, ready? Lights off." Oh, lord, I didn't read anything. Goodness, I want to read. Oh, I forgot to change the lightbulb in the lamp, guess there's no reading. Where's my phone, I could catch up on blogs. Oh forget it, he's nursing now. "Kisses. Love you! Night." :D

    • Life Breath Present says

      Hope you find some funny in the bedtime similarity :)

  5. Linda Giangregorio says

    Since I don't know exactly what town you live in, I couldn't do much more than give you this link.

    Seems like there are a lot of options, hopefully some in the town you live in!!! Totally relate to the post, bedtime is def. go time for me. Which doesn't help, cause I'm trying to develop the habit of going to sleep before 10. Apparently if you don't your adrenals don't get enough time to recharge. Idk!!! LOL Anyways, hope this helps.

    • says

      I've totally battled adrenal fatigue and I know staying up late doesn't help! Thanks for the link – I'll look into it!

  6. pierogiemama says

    LOL Adam never seems to understand why I have 50 billion 1/2 done projects laying around the house. Half finished laundry baskets, half finished dishes, half filled coffee cups.. And THIS POST explains WHY.

    • says

      Praise the Lord, I'm not alone! Yeah, I'm not sure if they'll ever understand!

  7. pierogiemama says

    Oh, and if you find a creamery that uses raw milk, TEXT ME STAT. I picked up a 1/2 gall of Guernsey raw milk last week from our produce stand and it's be a huge test of self control in only drinking a small glass at a time.. because it's sooooo good!