I Let My Kids Play Outside (Mostly) Unsupervised

On occasion I write for the site, What To Expect, and this week I’m sharing a bit about our family’s outdoor play and free-range philosophy. Take a peek and chime in with your thoughts!

playing outsideThis morning after breakfast, I shuffled Jemma and Max outside to play — by themselves. With a light breeze and the sunshine peeking through the clouds, today was a perfect opportunity for them to do a bit of exploring and free play while I filled up the dishwasher and popped our dinner in the slow cooker. Oh, and give me a few moments of peace and quiet!

Now, let me set the scene a bit …

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  1. lorisayoub says

    you cannot call it outside if they are inside your house :-P
    I let my 5 year old play outside on the street…Here it is very safe,so I don't worry much and most of the time I hear him…