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After our successful ocean life unit I was high on my horse to launch into our second homeschool theme. Except we all got sick. So, life paused for a bit. I suppose my second lesson in homeschooling was the grace it allows. Oh, and how I’ve needed grace. Stock in grace actually.
So, the week of and the week after Valentine’s Day we studied love. Jemma was absolutely enthralled, mostly because she believes that Valentine’s Day is Max’s special day because his middle name is Valentine :)
Our favorite “craft” was pink playdough – an aromatherapy version that exudes love :) I also had grand intentions of making crazy hearts and some glitter projects. And then I didn’t, because … grace?
We did however fall in love with these library books …

In February Jemma has made great strides in writing her name. Although, she has informed me that “O” is her favorite letter, so when we sit down to practice she often prefers to just do those. Oh, three year olds :)  

After all things “love”, we kicked off our fire safety study and thus far, it has been the favorite. Probably because it included a field trip to a fire station :) Daily Jemma reminds me that she wants to be a fireman when she grows up. And she spouts off fire safety facts all. the. time. For example …
“Hey Mom, when the fireman comes into our house and is yelling, ‘Jemma, Jemma, little girl, where are you?’ I will yell back, ‘Here I am! Come save me!’ Even though they look crazy.”
“We DO NOT play with matches. They’s DANGER-us. We run to tell our mommy.”
“Fire is soooooooo hot. Do not touch. DO NOT let Max touch. I will keep him safe.”
Yep, fire safety success. These books were a hit too: A Kid’s Guide to Staying Safe Around Fire and Stop Drop and Roll. Truly the field trip was the best. I can already tell that Jemma is going to be an experience learner. Which is fine by me – I love outings. Max on the other hand is such a little homebody. It was super easy to schedule a visit too – I just emailed the local firehouse that three sweet lil’ homeschool mamas and their kiddos were interested in a tour and that was that.

Since, we’ve moved into Easter mode and continued practicing name writing and letter sounds. We’ve also been practicing some money knowledge – names of coins, counting variations, how to earn money and best of all, what she wants to purchase with her commission. Most days it’s “Belle Movie” (Beauty and the Beast) or something My Little Pony related. 
On her own accord she has started writing her name … a backwards J, uppercase E, two M’s (also known as an up-down-up-down), and a “tent with a line”. She’s also whipped out some people pictures – eek! The last one was of her and I holding hands. Awww …. #mamaheartexplosion
Inspired by Lacy, we made marshmallow bunnies. Jem loves all things glue and Max especially loved the flavor of this project. Yes, with my back turned for a mere moment, Max plucked 5+ marshmallows from Jem’s project and gobbled them up. Glue and all. There has been a fine line between bunnies/candy/eggs and Jesus’ Resurrection, but Jemma is grasping little details. We’ve discussed that Easter is about when Jesus died and rose again. But that always leads into questions about my middle name, which is Rose. So, yeah, maybe next year we’ll understand Resurrection more :)

Last week I informed Jemma that we’d choose one more unit study before breaking for summer. I asked what she was interested in and she had obviously been thinking about it because she quickly replied, “I know, I know … let’s learn all about trees, grass, worms, sun and clouds!!!” So I think we’ll be wrapping up the year with a nature study.
Honestly, this whole homeschooling thing has me shakin’ in my boots. I’m wary of these younger years – the teaching to read and multiply, all the basics you really need to know. But when it feels overwhelming I’m reminded of why I want to do this – to experience learning with my children, to give them opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have. Plus, I don’t have to start anything “official” or declare homeschooling intent until Jem turns 7. So until then our play will be our learning and we’ll figure out all the book work eventually. Through it all I’m assuming grace will be our greatest ally. And I’m heartily welcoming her.

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  1. Laura Burns says

    Ah… sounds so fun! We are hitting up nature again. I think it's a common favorite between the kids and I… we took another adventure today, actually! And Liam didn't "get" anything about Easter last year, but last week I heard him explaining Palm Sunday and the whole Easter story to Sylvi and my heart nearly exploded! Next year, Jemma will do the same for Max!

  2. ThatMamaGretchen says

    It's crazy how much the grow and retain year to year! Right now Jemma is just stuck on planning her 4th birthday … which is still 6 months away, lol!