LMNOP Kid’s Consignment Sale

This evening I sat down and began to think through my Fall. I emailed a “calendar of events” to my mom and Dominic so we’d all be on the same page about the craziness that’s coming up. Because it’s busy ya’ll. I’m gonna have to take it one day at a time, that’s for sure.
After assessing the calendar, I began to prep for some individual events. First up, Jem’s preschool debut on Thursday! Next, my consignment sale shopping list. 
I start my shopping list about a month or two ahead of time. I keep it on my phone so I can add to it as I comb the kid’s closets, think through upcoming holidays and avoid tossing random into my cart at Target. Because what if I can find it on consignment instead of paying full price? Yes, please!
On my Fall calendar, in big bold print is this info … I reckon if you’re a Northwest mama you should add it to your calendars too :)
October 25-27, 2013
Thurston County Fairgrounds
Planning to shop, details here
Planning to volunteer, (there’s a lot of perks!) details here
Planning to consign (or just interested in what it’s all about), details here
For Jemma, I’m on the look out for a Christmas gift or two and cardigans. Girlfriend needs some sweaters for her dress collection. I’ll also be looking for the perfect Halloween costume and some extras for her growing interest in playing dress-up :)
For Max, some winter wear and new shoes! 
I’m also planning to pack some of Jem’s school snacks bento style so I’m hoping that some mamas will clean out their lunchbox stash and sell some fun things for me to scoop up!
Stay tuned late on October 24th – I’ll be posting all the deals I find as a preview for the three shopping days that follow!
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