Here Comes the Flower Girl

Earlier this month Jemma donned her “pwincess dwess” and “dancin’ shoes” and waltzed down the aisle of my dear friend’s wedding. Denise and I have been friends since college and I was so honored that she asked my girl to be a part of her wedding. The big day was September 8th at a gorgeous local barn and I can’t wait to share real photos! Until then, my snapshots will have to do.
At not quite three Jemma did a fabulous job when duty called. It was a little rough in the beginning though … she chose not to practice at the rehearsal and she mocked my attempts to pin her baby’s breath wreath in her hair. When the music began and the bridesmaids made their way down the aisle Jemma hopped to it and followed suite! I think it helped that the ring bearer was Denise’s little dog. Nothing like a little animal persuasion to help Jemma follow the doggie leader. With her flower girl buddy, Jemma carried her half of the “Here Comes the Bride” sign and stood next to her favorite bridesmaid for almost half of the ceremony. 
She also flashed the crowd a peek of her Dora pull-up. Naturally.
After the ceremony we sipped on a signature cocktails of champagne, grapefruit juice and sugar while waiting for dinner. Which, as you can see above was scrumptious! I could have eaten pounds of that salad – spinach with fresh nectarines, goat cheese and hazelnuts with a vinaigrette. Mmmmm. Jemma helped herself to the sweets bar and danced the night away with anyone and everyone who would twirl her. She even took Max for a spin or two!
Pretty much, I adore Jemma every day, but the flower girl version of Jemma is a whole new level of sweet. And, November will bring about round two for her aunt’s wedding so this is just the beginning of flower girl life around here!

P.S. Jemma’s darling dress was c/o the fabulous Etsy shop Kailyn Zoe & Co. I can’t thank Tiff enough for outfitting Jemma for her special day and joining That Mama Gretchen as a sponsor. If you’re looking for a well-crafted and beautiful dress for weddings or holidays Kailyn Zoe & Co is the place to shop! And, like Kailyn Zoe & Co’s Facebook page for fab announcements and coupon codes!

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    What an absolutely gorgeous dress! I bet she's all ready for her Auntie's wedding now!