This week has been the lull before the storm. 
What storm? Well, you know, the whole back to school, transition to Fall, PSL take me home kind of storm. I’m hesitantly excited. To settle into our new schedule. The hesitance comes from my wondering how little I still feel. Like, shouldn’t my mom be taking me back to school shopping? Instead, I’m filling out auto-draft tuition forms for preschool and reading up on high school dress code. For our international student, that is. Because we’re adding that into the mix. 
Amidst it all, I’ve been henpecking away on posts here and olymama and Baby Gizmo and What to Expect. I’m loving in all. I’m having a wee bit of a hard time drawing the line between my role as a mama and a freelancer. Without set work hours, there are no boundaries. Except for the ones I set. Which I need to reevaluate. When I quite my “real” job back in 2011 I totally though I’d want to be mom and only mom. But now I find so much solace and pride from my little bits of writing work. So – hey – there’s my conundrum. Finding balance, finding balance, finding balance? I do what I can :)

Really, The Boho Mama said it perfectly … “I feel like I’m a fraud, living a life that I feel disconnected from in some ways, and that the true me was left along the side of the road somewhere along this convoluted journey.” Read the rest here. 

Labor Day weekend is gonna be … well, laborious. Oh, so funny I am. Music in the park earlier this evening, grandparents in town, and thus Dominic and I speed into projects thanks to all the extra hands, community group on Sunday, and all the normal cleaning and preparation for the week. Then, boom, to the airport for our new family member, back to school shopping for her and then the first day of high school, then preschool, then tears from me. Eek! Welcome September!
I’ll be surviving with sanity breaks thanks to my new obsession.
Watching Scandal Season 2, RECENTLY ADDED TO NETFLIX! Yippee!
And browsing the fall collection. On my birthday list, right here ya’ll. Cozy!
Max is gettin’ through the busyness with his newly freed arm and his board book collection from Dawn Publications. This ones his fave.

Jemma is prepping for her big day as flower girl. She’s wearing this dress and I can’t wait to share photos! It’s going to be a picture perfect wedding and I’m kind of reeling in the idea that I have a child old enough to actually be a flower girl?!? Be still my heart. 

Oh, and when the grandparents are here,  you bet your britches I’ll be heading out for a little quiet mama writing time at good ol’ S-bucks. I mean, pumpkin spice lattes are back so I’m drawn there like a firefly to bright light. I’ve got a grand new laptop backpack to pack up just for my adventure thanks to Staples. It has all the must-have features and although not fashionable in the boho chic vibe I usually go for – it’s functional and keeps Maude the laptop safe which is a must. No harm must come to Maude. Afterall, she was my first “child”.

Is your Labor Day weekend crazy? If you steal a few moments to yourself, read this, make this and buy this :) Oh, and don’t forget that Monday is 50% off day at Value Village!

Thanks a bunch to Staples for sending me a backpack to try out! No other compensation was received. If you’re heading back to school or travel with your computer often, Staples is the place to shop – they’ve got a fab assortment of quality bags.
And, Dawn Publications … boy, I can’t say enough good things about their educational books. My kids both love them and they’re constantly coming out with new material and apps. Dawn Publication gifted Max with an assortment of board books so we could get a close up look at a number of their titles. No other compensation was received. 
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