Velcro Baby

I’m trying to remember where I first heard that term “Velcro baby”. Immediately, I knew I’d use it forever. It perfectly describes Max. My very own Velcro baby.
Ever since he was born, he’s been my Velcro baby. He’s the hook, I’m the loop. He went from being in me, to on me. His favorite place is next to my heart and I’m not complaining one bit. He smells like the beach and having the top of his head tucked under my chin is just the sweetest scent. He leans back to kiss me often, but is usually just like he is in this photo, with his head pressed up on me. Breathing with me, calming me in the busyness and reminding me to just stop and savor. Savor these short days, this short season when my babies want to be physically connected to me. And savor them, I will. Because the coming of birthday season has reminded me that they grow too fast for my liking. Much too fast.
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  1. Ruthy T. says

    so sweet….i really wish parker enjoyed being snuggly like this!!

  2. says

    How have I (not) heard this term before?! Emmett is totally a velcro baby- which I savor even more since Elliot was not and still isn't cuddly. Emmett, on the other hand… well, he can't get enough snuggles or kisses. You may have just inspired a future blog post. I'll be sure to give you a shout out when I write it!


  1. […] can’t imagine what he will be like. Will he be serene? Boisterous? A solo sleeper or a Velcro baby? Will he arrive quicker than his brother or pace himself like his sister? Will he have hazel eyes […]