Jemma and Her “Doge”

For years my sister Katie planned to become a veterinarian. As a child she executed her plan by joining 4-H, reading about dog anatomy, and collecting as many stuffed dogs as she could. In her little girl mind I think she wanted to decorate her office with a swarm of furry dogs!

Recently we found the tub of Katie’s dog collection in storage. Katie invited Jemma to check out her family of dogs and choose one to keep as her very own. Awesome aunt, huh? Jemma was thrilled and happily chose her very first stuffed animal – a little chocolate lab. Jemma quickly named her dog – Doge. Creative girl I have :)

Doge goes with us just about everywhere. He was the genius behind a smooth transition to the toddler room at church and he also assisted Jemma with her bravery at a recent doctor visit. It’s the sweetest thing to watch Jemma march to the car wearing her backpack and carrying her sippy and Doge. She tucks Doge under her arm and kisses him often. The best is when he gets tucked bottom up and she laughs so hard when she sees his tail instead of his face. She quickly flips him before planting a kiss. Jemma and Doge are a pretty cute pair.

Doge – I’m so happy you’ve joined our family and I know Jemma is too! Here’s to many more years as Jemma’s little friend!

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