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There was a time, a few short months ago, that making it through the day was nothing short of a miracle. I was near going crazy being pulled in too many directions. Trying to meet too many needs for too many people. On occasion I still have freak out days – um, hello, like Jem’s epic meltdown yesterday that ended with a 2 1/2 hour nap – but for the most part we’re in a real good swing of things.
Kind of boring to list out our daily happenings. But I did it once when Jemma was 16 months old and I’ve liked looking back at what our schedule used to be like. So, for now, at 2 years and 7 months and 9 months our days tend to look like this …
7-8 am | Max usually wakes up first, if Jemma has snuck into our bed he wakes her up shortly after. Then there’s a giggle eruption. Jammies come off, new diapers go on and we all head into the bathroom so I can get ready. Every mama needs to don a fresh pair of yoga pants in the morning, right?
8-9 am | Breakfast time! It doesn’t come soon enough for Jemma who has recently learned the word “hungry” and chants it quite a bit. I’m thinking that a box of cereal is going to start residing in the corner of our bathroom. Jem and I love sharing pancakes or “cheese sandwich” a la Starbucks. Applesauce is also high on Jemma’s list of breakfast requests … and every other meal or snacktime too.
9-10 am | We attempt to accomplish some chores – dishes or laundry. Sometimes we play or color or read “stowies”. Sometimes the littles hop into the bath to splash around. With our new to us jogger, sometimes we head out on a walk. There is a farm stand just a short walk away and we all love picking out fresh produce.
10-11 am | Max’s morning nap and Jemma’s quiet time. Yeah – half the time it ends in Jemma waking up Max earlier than he wants, we’re practicing. My best solution has been to give her my phone for a  movie or game time and tuck her in a little pillow corner of our room. 
11-2 pm | If we’re heading out for errands, this is the time. If not, we’ll work around the house (chores and projects seem to be never ending!) and eat lunch.
2-4 pm | Afternoon naps for all! I’m guilty (or is that lucky) of stealing a nap most days. It’s just so quiet and calm and Max will sleep twice as long if I’m next to him, so, I stay. He smells like the ocean and I love laying next to him letting him nurse to his heart’s content. Honestly, I can’t wait until the day that I can convince them to both snuggle with me for a snooze – I mean, they would now, but I doubt anyone would actually sleep. On a good day we’ll all rest for an hour and a half or so and spend another half hour snuggling before we actually get up. 
4-5 pm | Dinner prep and sharing practice :) If dinner plans are quick we’ve been making it a regular event to head to the neighborhood park. Vitamin D, grass and the yellow slide for the win!
5-6 pm | Clutter control and waiting for Daddy to arrive home. This can be a rough hour as everyone gets antsy for food and some Daddy snuggles. 
6-8 pm | We eat and everyone gets ready for bed. Max is more than ready to be in bed by 7 and Jemma follows sometime around 8 or 8:30. It’s been later than her normal 7:30 bedtime lately thanks to the late setting sun. We do teeth, story (her choice), Bible reading (always the story of Jesus’ birth and on occasion the story of Joseph which are apparently her favorites) and prayers which she says herself now – too darling.
8-? pm/am | Jemma usually gets up once or twice asking for more hemp milk or searching for a particular stuffed animal. If she wasn’t so sweet, peeking her head out of her door and calling for us, it would be annoying , but it’s not and I know she won’t need us at bedtime forever. Max needs to nurse or be rocked once or twice as well before fully settling in for the night. During my up and down with the munchkins, I wrap up chores that take two hands, blog, respond to emails and all that jazz. Sometimes Dominic and I will watch a show, but usually he’ll relax with his and I’ll watch Nashville or Grey’s, Revolution or Call the Midwife once he goes to bed. Yes, I’ve gotten into a bad routine of staying up until the wee hours again. Alas, the quiet is just so peaceful, I can’t seem to keep away.
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  1. Lauren Tummel says

    Glad you've found your groove! I read about a new app on Deisgn Mom the other day called" Days" you'd probably like it for posts like these :)

  2. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Ooo, I'm totally going to download that – perfect app for me! Thanks for the recommendation!