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This ^ is my new life phrase, compliments of my sister. She knows me too well. Too well, I tell ya.

A walk to the mail box … Catch Me If You Can Longsleeve c/o Ellie February Collection | Love Struck Legging c/o Ellie February Collection | shoes, ancient Adidas | stroller, Uppa Baby

The plague has struck our house and it has been something awful. It’s been almost two weeks and we’ve all been down in one element or the other. Poor Jemma ended up on her first round of antibiotics (which absolutely breaks my heart!) and Max has what can only be described as a smoker’s cough leftover from his snot fest. They’ve both been mega cuddlers and I really want to grow an extra set of arms so I can adequately snuggle everyone. But, alas, I’m only one lady and I’m doing the most I can with a lame case of mastitis and a nasty cold to boot! Woe is me! Like literally I’m wallowing in such a pit of “We need to be well, ASAP!” and I’m just praying we are in tip top shape within a few days.
Needless to say, we’ve only left the house to get more orange juice and visit the doctor. Well, and get the mail as witnessed by the photos in my adorable Ellie outfit! Literally, this athletic wear is SO comfortable and the perfect attire for running … or not!

Click the banner below and you’ll receive 20% off your first Ellie order! The March Collection was just released, but due to the popularity of the February Collection you can order from that too! The Catch Me If You Can Longsleeve is made from fabulous material and I can’t get enough of the monkey sleeves on these cold days. Plus, Dominic said the blue is totally my color :)


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  1. Breenah says

    That is an amazing quote. I might start using it myself, haha! I love my jacket that has the thumb-holes. They just make me feel cool.

  2. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Thumb holes always make me feel cooler too :)

  3. Briana Runde says

    I love that quote! That is going to be my new motto, ha! Tell your sister she is genius! ;)