Thank you so much to these lovely sponsors for offering up these treats for June Giveaway Day! You can enter via Rafflecopter anytime between now and June 30th! Don’t forget that you can tweet or share on Facebook EVERYDAY for extra entries :)

$25 Credit to SweetPea Maternity
I love my top from SweetPea and can’t say enough good things about their customer service!
Molly’s Organic Farm Children’s Book from Dawn Publication
Do I even need to say how obsessed Jemma is with the “meow” book? It’s definitely a favorite! 
Whoosh . . . the wind blows open a creaky gate. Inquisitive and mischievous, a homeless little cat scampers through—and suddenly finds herself in the wondrous world of an organic farm! Affectionately named “Molly” by the farmers who discover her, she romps, naps, and hunts among the vegetables.

$20 Credit to Super Skivvies
Super Skivvies are the original convertible cloth training pants!

$25 Credit to EcoShag
I’m head over heels in love with my EcoShag scarf – super soft and the perfect accessory no matter the size of your tummy :)

Digital Custom Monogram from Mostaza Seed Graphics
Stephanie from Mostaza was the genius behind my blog design and business cards! Your custom monogram from her is sure to be a hit … think of it as your family’s logo in digital format. Easy to print, make into a stamp or a sticker, or even transfer on to a tote bag… the sky’s the limit!

$35 Credit to Blog2Print
Remember when I raved about turning my blog into a book? Well, now you have a  chance to do the same thing thanks to Blog2Print!

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  1. Elisha(: says

    thank youuu for this!! I'd love any of the prizes!! except the maternity stuff.. and the training pants… I'd give that to a friend. ;) x.