More Business of Being Born

When we were expecting Jemma I didn’t quite know how I was going to ease Dominic into the whole “natural birth” philosophy … luckily, there are a number of fabulous documentaries/movies that give a real life perspective plus statistics about the benefits of natural birth.

Dominic was game for a movie night and because of it, I found my perfect natural parenting partner :)

The Business of Being Born was one of the movies we watched together and I am thrilled that More Business of Being Born is alive and kicking!

More Business of Being Born, a follow up to [Ricki Lake’s] landmark documentary, The Business of Being Born, offers a practical look at birthing options as well as poignant celebrity birth stories from stars. 

Featuring celebrity moms Laila Ali, Gisele Bundchen, Cindy Crawford, Alyson Hannigan, Melissa Joan Hart, Kellie Martin, Alanis Morissette, Christy Turlington-Burns and Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Special Deliveries is a collection of intimate birth stories from a diverse group of mothers. Whether they chose to deliver at a hospital, home or birthing center, these heartfelt and humorous testimonies speak to the lasting power of the birth experience.  True inspiration for any mother-to-be, this group of women trusted their bodies and intuitions, taking responsibility for their birth decisions even when things didn’t go according to plan. None of these courageous women has ever spoken on the record in such compelling detail, and, on this DVD, the filmmakers weave together their passionate narratives as a celebration of the journey to motherhood that will leave viewers with a renewed sense of amazement about the power of women. 

Take a peak at this live interview with Ricki Lake and some other fabulous ladies …

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What do you think? Did media play a role in your birthing choices? Did “seeing” the real deal help your spouse get on board with your plans?

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  1. says

    LOVED both of those movies. We knew home birth was the way for us to go because we had a couple of friends that had done it and had amazing experiences. We know I was a healthy, low-risk mama-to-be and that this felt like the safest option in our minds. Having the experience of spending no less than an hour with our midwife at each visit and getting such holistic prenatal care really set the bar for how we wanted to parent our children. The whole experience really taught us that life is about taking your time, keeping it simple, and letting love and intuition lead the way. I don't care how you do it…giving birth is giving birth. It's hard, and messy, and beautiful, and amazing. I only pray that women are informed about their options and know that there isn't just one way about it :)

  2. Heatherbeaudreau says

    Hi Gretchen!Did you have to buy the dvd's when you watched them? Or did you rent them? There are no movie rental places any more where I live in northern CA, and redbox doesn't carry these documentaries. Id really like to see them, but wish I wouldn't have to buy them to watch them.

  3. Chelsea says

    I developed pre-e during my first pregnancy. So I was considered high risk the second time around even thought that pregnancy was "normal" and had no other risk factors. I never developed pre-e & everything was on track. I went into labor & labored at home as long as possible, we arrived at the hospital and they checked me & my cord was over the cervix! I could have come very close to loosing my son & thankfully my water didn't break while I was home or on the way to the hospital, they would have had only MINUTES to get him out. When I think of what could have been I shutter, there was no way to predict this. I understand that western medicine can sometimes do more harm & with malpractice lawsuits as they are many docs & hospitals can be surgery happy, it's important to be your own addvocate and have your husband or birth partner on the same page in whatever you choose. But from my experience it was 100% necessary for a safe delivery for my precious son.

  4. ThatMamaGretchen says

    I saw one on instant Netflix and rented the other … check out Netflix for sure, I think it is still on there!

  5. ThatMamaGretchen says

    I LOVE the long visits with my midwife too – I've learned so much from them!

  6. ThatMamaGretchen says

    I totally agree with your statement about being your own advocate, it is so important to do your research and know the risks of wherever you choose to labor/birth! I'm so glad everything turned out ok – Jesus was watching over you and your son for sure!!!