Ah!Nautral Baby

I love when I find toys that make me think, “My grandkids are going to play with these”. They’re durable, classic, and safe; timeless pieces that are the perfect addition to any toy collection.

Jemma had the chance to review wood blocks and a DuoCube Rattle from Ah!Natural Baby and she gives it two thumbs up! At 14 months these blocks fit perfectly into her little hands and she loves emptying, sorting, and collecting them in the Ah!Natural Baby cotton storage bag.

Just as much as Jemma loves her number and color blocks, I love the integrity of Ah!Natural Baby’s products …

  • Local – Ah!Natural Baby products are handmade in Portland, Oregon from locally harvested cherry, maple, and alder wood.  
  • Natural – Colored blocks are dyed with safe and natural plant-based materials like turmeric, blueberries, and other completely safe dyes. Each block, whether colored or not, is sealed with natural waxes and oils. 

It’s amazing to see a little one as young as Jemma use her imagination with her toys. She stacks, claps, tosses, rolls, and shares her blocks in the sweetest way. It warms my heart to see her enjoying something so simple, safe, and quiet :)

Ah!Natural Baby has a perfect motto, “Children’s toys should be as simple and as natural as they are. That’s why we at Ah!Natural™ say, ‘Your child never worries about what goes in their mouth, so neither should you!”

Shop online and check them out on Facebook and their blog – you won’t be disappointed with the quality of these treasured toys! Plus, enjoy free shipping through the holiday season!

P.S. Did you catch this article I shared on Facebook about artificial food coloring? It’s everywhere – food, play dough and supposedly child-friendly toy paint! One more reason to invest in safe toys like Ah!Natural Baby’s plant-based colored blocks.

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