Like a Bunny

It’s not always glamorous to cut two teeth at once, 
but we sure try!

Poor Jemma has had quite the bout of teething pain this last week. This has equated to less than restful nights and all the drama a sweet girl can create without becoming a complete terror. She wants her mama, she NEEDS something to chew on at all times, and she has been moaning in her sleep from the pain. It’s hard to see her go through something so uncomfortable, but we’re managing.

Even if our eyes do start closing by 9 pm.

Her first tooth, a top one … broke the skin on Monday and its’ neighbor followed today. Nothing on the bottom yet. Just two little teeth on the top – we call them her bunny teeth :)

How old was your little one when their first tooth made its’ debut?

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  1. says

    Emily was just about 7 months old. I feel like, ever since she started to cut her teeth…that she has never stopped drooling since! Even today…"Emily…why is the top of your shirt soaking wet?" I love it!!

  2. ash says

    Hi!Our daughters share a brithday October 2nd :) Lola has two bottom teeth and her top one is just poking through now. First bottom tooth poked hrough about two months ago, followed by her second bottom one about a month ago. Top one has just come through this past week. I found there were only a few signs of the bottom two coming through, really rosie cheeks, a little extra dribble & a little bit of a runny nose. The top one has been much the same. How cute to have two bunny teeth! Lola loves showing her toothipegs off – smiling as widely as possible and letting me know they are there when breastfeeding! Can't wait to see a pic of Jemma & those pearly whites! Enjoy that baby! ash xx

  3. says

    Still no teeth at almost a YEAR! It's crazy. Thanks for your Medela vote, I SO appreciate it :) New follower!