We’re like a disappearing act … but we’re back!

Yes. We are still alive. But, life came after us this week. Hard.
Jemma’s first cold arrived.
Sad face :(
Then she shared it with her mama.
Repeat sad face :(
Our week went like this:
This little hat makes me heart happy.
I don’t even think she could see here. But she didn’t care. Seriously, most laid back baby ev-a.
Signs of a cold popped up over the weekend. I tried my darndest to ignore them. But no, they were here. “Why on a Monday?” I wondered. “Why couldn’t a cold start on a Thursday, peak on Saturday and be a-ok by Monday?” But you know what? Life doesn’t go that way for me usually. It is usually more inconvenient like a cold starting on a Monday. I called for a chiropractor appointment for Jemma first thing Monday morning and skipped out from work mid-day to take her. While there, we discovered that Jem has cut her first tooth! Oh. my. goodness. It is on the top and I never even thought to be checking there! We came home after wards, snuggled lots and went on a walk for some fresh air when Dominic got home from work.
Did you get all that?
First cold + first tooth = my week
Monday night …
Yes, the night gets it own recap because it was special. Monday night felt like a whole day in and of itself. Jemma fell asleep like normal at 8:15.  She woke up screeching her little heart out at 10:30 and cried for an hour. This is so unlike her. She has literally only cried at night twice (one time when she was 2 days old and hungry and my milk hadn’t come in yet and another when she had a crazy meltdown for some unknown reason). We gave her some Tylenol. Grape flavor. And hoped we would all sleep. No such thing. Jemma slept, but she moaned and whimpered in her sleep, which meant Dominic and I didn’t sleep. at. all. Poor thing just didn’t know what was up. I wanted to yell, “Cold, get outta our house! Leave my baby alone!” But, I didn’t. I just thought it and dreamed it in 10 minutes spurts. I got up like a sleep-deprived mama and hauled myself off to work. Thanks Monday. You’re swell.
Tuesday …
Jemma slept for most of the day with her nanny. During lunch I called the advice nurse to see if there was anything I could do to help soothe her while she fought off her cold. I gave her Jem’s stats and explained what I had already done:
No fever.
Tugging at one ear.
Took her to the chiropractor.
Clear snot.
Snot is draining.
Warm baths and humidifier.
Tylenol at night.
Lots of nursing.
I pretty much wanted to know if there were any other medicine or remedy ok for her and double check that I wasn’t missing anything. I wanted some advice. So, duh. I called the advice nurse.
She proceeded to tell me that Jemma’s ear drum could burst and that if Monday night had been rough, Tuesday would be rougher. She wanted us to come in for an appointment. I didn’t think it was necessary, but agreed. Then she informed me she had no appointments available. Except for at urgent care. I asked if Wednesday morning would be ok. She thought that was an awful idea. Whatever. Last time I call the advice nurse. Actually, probably the last time we go back to this office. I really want to find a naturopath and am thinking the out of pocket cost might very well be worth it. I signed us up for the evening urgent care appointment. Begrudgingly.
Advice nurse …. I’m submitted your name to Santa’s bad list. You were not very nice to this first time mama.
I buzzed home early from work to take Jemma to her appointment. The appointment where I found out what I already knew. No ear infection (just a slight redness), no fever … just an upper respiratory infection. The only fun part was getting her weighed. 
Girlfriend has gained quite a bit since her 6 month appointment. She’s now at 23 pounds and 13 ounces. And my biceps are rockin’ from carrying her around.
Wednesday …
Sleeping beauty
I woke up sicker than a dog. Because I teach my daughter to share. And she shared her cold. Too sweet. We sat in the bathroom alot breathing from our frog humidifier. I also took Jemma’s naps with her. 2.5 hours in the morning and another lovely 2.5 hours in the afternoon. I gulped down a hefty share of OJ mixed with vitamin C and echinacea. Wednesday over.
Thursday …
She will teeth on anything. Even me.
Teething slobber. Stylin’.
Made it through a whole day at work. Missed my baby like crazy (the usual) and decided that any given day I would rather be home sick with my sick baby than away from her at work. True that. That’s how much we like being together.
Friday …
The bathroom — where the warm bath and frog humidifier make our noses run
Pretty much back in one piece. We still have sniffles, but in general our demeanor is on the upswing. Yeah! Just in time for Easter! I did a ton of prep for our Easter meal – grocery shopping, banana cream pie, rolls, homemade croutons, pork roast rub. 
We also went back to the chiropractor (which, I should probably mention is a good method for preventing/healing ear infections since it opens up little one’s ears so fluid can drain). My Dad was in town for a meeting and we had lunch at Panera and an afternoon stroll around the neighborhood. I just tucked her in bed after our billionth bath and humidifier routine.
It all goes as planned, I’m hoping to share some neato things in the next few posts, you know, now that I’m alive and well again:
Easter crockpot pork roast
Homemade cloth wipes
Spring giveaway
Jemma’s fave products – 6 month edition
I’m sad we hit the milestone of our first cold. But, I’m also kind of happy. Another vote of confidence in my mothering skills … COLD SURVIVOR!
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