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Just south of us, down in Cali, there is a pretty awesome family who is preparing to welcome a new little person into their life. Here is their story.
Doesn’t this make you smile?
There is a little boy in Ghana just waiting to soak up all that love. And you and I can help him get to his family a little bit sooner!
Pray about making a donation to their adoption fund or purchasing one of these fabulous Africa t-shirts. Jemma is sporting a 2T and it makes for a perfectly hip shirt dress!

These t-shirts are 100% cotton by American Apparel and custom made by Finley and Oliver. Applique is cut from felt made out of recycled plastic bottles. It is hand cut, fused on, and machine stitched for durability. You can choose from a pink, orange or blue Africa! Click here to order and find the link to “Buy Kids Shirts”.

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