Day #14 – Random

Almost to the 1/2 way mark … 17 days into 30 Days to Baby. Wowser.
Words aren’t quite flowing today. We had a dear family friend pass away and I feel a bit wrecked. So, these are the few random updates that come to mind:
  • I ate a buffalo burger for dinner last night. First time eating buffalo; until pregnancy I pretty much detested red meat. it was made for me by my darling husband complete with mayo, avocado and tomato on a toasted bun.
  • Fall has brought plums. This is my new favorite fruit. I already ate two today.
  • I finished another lot of thank you cards … one more to go.
  • During my lunch today I am going to go to Target and get a few more necessities for our birth bag … Tuck’s pads (recommended by Mallory), lollipops and large(r) undies. I’m also going to attempt this Huggies diaper deal for back-ups to our cloth plan.
  • Dominic has lost 30 pounds since starting Weight Watchers (he signed up the day we found out we were pregnant, vowing to become a healthier dad). Last week he started a work-out regimen … preparation for a 5K on November 7th. Baby and I are so excited to cheer him on as he crosses the finish line!
  • I’m starting to get all of the awesome birthday emails from stores … yesterday brought a $10 gift card to Cost Plus World Market and today I got a freebie coupon from Sephora.
  • I’m planning to strip/prep all of our cloth diapers this weekend. It has been on my to-do list for 2 weekends now, so we’ll see how successful I am. It is a pretty daunting task!
  • I read Blair’s hospital story. She is amazing. Such a strong woman … I intensely admire her.
  • Our maternity pictures will be arriving this week sometime. You’ll be amazed by our photographer, Christine, she is A+.
  • I’m going to take pictures of the sleeping/activity rooms {soon} and all the changes that have happened for baby. It is all coming together, and although, not perfect, it is ready as ready will get.
  • 5 more mornings of getting up for work, tomorrow, off Friday, and 4 days next week … my goal is to make it to September 30th. I can do it.
  • I would really like a blog makeover, something a little cleaner looking … if you are reading this and want to make me over, just ask! And, if you know of a good designer let me know that too. Maybe I’ll get some birthday $ and spoil myself.
That’s it for today. Random, just like I promised :)
Baby … I’ve been so focused on your birth lately it is odd to be confronted with death. The other side of the spectrum. In some ways it is still lovely. A transition from one thing to another, often times, something better. But for those of us left behind … it puts things into perspective. Life is fragile. Life is unpredictable. Life shouldn’t be taken for granted. You have been so healthy this entire pregnancy. No worries whatsoever. I pray the same for your birth. That you and I would stay safe and healthy with no worries or concerns.

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  1. says

    My condolences on your loss. So glad things are going well with getting organized and ready!

  2. says

    In my experience with life, I have seen many instances where a death is followed quickly by a new life…so maybe, just maybe your little one is on his/her way very soon.