Pre-post on vaccinations

Sigh of relief.

Kind of.

We are steadily progressing towards some sort of logical plan in regard to vaccinations. Lots of pieces to this puzzle, let me tell you! More on this later … actually, alot more. I have a whole slew of posts coming together for the next few days. But, until then I wanted to share some tidbits on vaccines … before they fall out of my very full, and sometimes unorganized pregnant brain.

You see, I’m an out-loud thinker. So, when Dominic gets tired of hearing my incessant questions and ideas (which I agree, can be non-stop on any given day) I turn to my blog friends and read their thoughts. Almost like we are having a conversation. Check out this wise mama, Melissa at Dear Baby, and the journey she went through to find the right vaccination plan for their family.

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