Freezer Meal Explosion!

My amazing mom and sisters, Katie and Hannah, came to visit yesterday with one mission: STOCK THE FREEZER. They had planned a multitude of recipes for Dominic and I to enjoy after the baby is born. Can you say, “Amazing!” I wish I could say they were for rent to help stock your freezer, but for now I’m going to be selfish and keep them all to myself :)

    Over 5 hours we whipped up …

    Thank you SO MUCH family … it’s going to be hard to lose the baby weight with all these yummy meals ready to go for the Fall ;)

    Have to give props to my Dad too. He had a list of “home help” from Dominic and I while us girls were cooking up a storm. He painted a little nightstand for our guest room, attacked a nasty spot on our carpet, pulled weeds and sanded down a bookshelf for our little one’s activity room.
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    1. says

      that is awesome! you will be eating good!

    2. says

      What a great, beautiful picture of the 'Robertson' girls – all grown up!

    3. Anonymous says

      I'm curious if these meals have been fully cooked and you can just warm them. Great ideas!

    4. says

      There are some that are fully cooked and a few that aren't. The Twice baked potatoes still need their 2nd baking. The french toast casserole, mac 'n cheese and calzones still need to be baked. All the others are just thaw/warm.