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    Oh my gosh, how cute are you!?

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    The camera charger is lost? You've already got mommy-brain I see…don't worry, you get part of your brain back when the baby is about 18! You look radiant…yes, I know, very cliche, but hey, you are…and your bump is absolutely touchable! Lucky you aren't within reaching distance or I'd be one of those annoying strangers rubbing your belly.Following you through Travelling Thursday Through bloghop!

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    I am following you now thanks to Traveling Through Thursday! It would be nice if you could share back the love on my blog! Oh and also I have some great blog-handy tips if you're interested;)Happy Thursday!

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    Look how cute you are!! Oh man! I am a whoppin 26 weeks and it is flying by! Nice iPhone pic too BTW, my iPhone is shotty! :)