Woe is Me

I’ve been hesitant to complain about my pregnancy symptoms, because for the most part I experienced no/low morning sickness in the first trimester. I’ll be honest, if I had been super sick and you hadn’t I would harbor a bit of resentment, and I don’t want you all to hate me for my lack of barfiness!

Nonetheless, I figured it was my due diligence to chronicle what is going on … and it’s not pretty so if you would prefer pregnancy to stay glamorous I would recommend skipping this post.

  • Dry skin – I itch like the dickens, all day, every day. I now have this awful eczema-like patch on my hand and need to get some cortizone for it. Is cortizone safe during pregnancy?
  • Hunger – I can eat all day like. I think about food all the time and have a snack of some sort every hour. It is tiring thinking about what the next hour will bring. When I decide on a certain something it is that or death … like right now I want Al Forno from La Buca. It is cheesy lasagna with mascarpone and 100 other cheese and the most amazing marinara sauce. OMG … need it now! The other day it was black beans and rice with sour cream … so I had it twice :)
  • Whiskers – Yep, my chinny chin chin has awful white whiskers for some reason and I pluck them with a vengance. Daily.
  • Sleep – If I’m not having a crazy dream, I’m tossing and turning trying to find a comfy place in bed. Then my alarm goes off … do you hear the sad music playing?
  • Boobs – Call it TMI, but they are there and they are massive. It’s not like it is a secret, especially when you co-worker calls you out on their “fullness” (isn’t that a nice way of saying, “OMG your chest is exploding?!?!?). They are literally in my way and camis can hardly contain them.
  • Hearburn – I dread days when it strikes. I feel like I am short of breath and the only thing that helps is if I lay down. I think I have narrowed it down to raw onions … they type in salsa (which was the most recent culprit). Cooked onions seem to be fine, I have tested this theory with multiple cups of french onion soup. Tums can’t even take down my cases of heartburn!

That’s about it … for today. Reading this list makes me laugh so it’s ok if you laugh too. It’s funny what a tiny little thing can do/will continue to do your body! Good news (?) is I haven’t gained any weight yet … saving it all for the end so I can swell up like a beached whale. Hot image, I know :)

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    chew gum. i swear. something about increasing your saliva and neutralizing something. whatever, i didn't care when the midwife explained it i was trying to figure out if sam's club was open yet so i could go buy a case of gum. tums taste like butt. especially the next morning. and they say that the more heartburn the more hair your baby will have – was true for me both times. i hope it works – 25 weeks is a long time to have heartburn.