Week 8: “Join Me For the ‘Bumpy’ Ride”

We are coming up on 8 weeks (on Thursday). That’s 2 months … approximately 20% (if we are assuming this baby will bake for 40 weeks). Since I don’t see you all on a daily/weekly basis I figured I should start journaling all that is going on so I’m not pregnant by myself … lol! So, welcome to my “bump”y ride :) If we’re lucky, I’ll update with my life dramatics every week or so.

I have a love/hate relationship with food. Most times I’m not hungry at all. Hungry in my head that is … my tum never stops growling. This has landed me in quite a food predicament … WHAT TO EAT! Nothing sounds good, but to quell my rumbling I have to find something. This landed me at Safeway at 8pm last night. I went in for two things … milk (ours was rotten) and multi-grain Cheerios (the only thing that sounded good for dinner). I ended up working my way through the maze of temptation and left with $63 worth of “my new favorites”. I have officially stocked up for the next week with the following: Oh’s cereal, Crispix, Raisin Bran, peaches, pears, blueberries (that were $5.99 … but I just couldn’t say no), double noodle chicken soup, general tso’s chicken (from the deli, because I needed something to nibble on while I shopped), prunes, yogurt covered craisins, yogurt, peanut butter granola bars, Naked juice, and chicken fiesta soup. How that added up to $63 I’m not quite sure, but I don’t regret it because I actually have some good food to get me through the week! Plus, there is only a week(ish) left of February and I had quite a bit of grocery money leftover.

Pregnancy symptoms, my oh my. I think I am starting to get a tiny belly. Either that or I am massively bloated. I like to think it is baby … so feel free to play along :) I pee quite a bit and fall asleep early. Of course, just to wake up in the middle of the night and then again, about a 1/2 hour before my alarm goes off. Grrrr. I guess my body is already getting used to waking up at non-human times of the day. The worst part of the day is the 4pm hour … this is when my hunger pains/nausea kicks in on a daily basis. It’s an awful feeling of “I think I should eat something” combined with “If I see food I think I might puke”. Seriously, WHAT DO YOU DO? Especially when you’re in an office with 5 other people. I would really REALLY like to spare my co-workers from barfing sounds. The good news is … everyone tells me that this will pass so I’ve got to press on for 5 more weeks (or so … if I’m lucky).

Last, but not least, the weekend re-cap. We were up in Olympia. Dominic helped paint Mom and Dad’s house and I delivered food and offered comedic relief during my brief visits to the land of paint fumes. I did a good amount of shopping … got 2 cute maternity tops at Old Navy that do not really fit now, but I really liked them so got them anyway. I also hit up Value Villages 50% off President’s Day Sale. Killer deals … CRAZY KILLER! My most favorite thing was a boy’s Land’s End flannel shirt in red/black (which Dom calls hunter plaid) … Cost – $1.50. My favorite girl thing was a striped dress from the baby/kid’s store Crazy 8 … Cost – $2.00. I also found a Liz Lange maternity dress which was practically brand new … Cost – $3.50. I think VV has 50% off sales on all Monday holidays so I’m already looking forward to Memorial Day. Mom and I also stopped at Baby Gap … they had a President’s Day sale too (45% off everything … even sale items). Mom went a tid bit crazy, but how can you not? Baby Gap doesn’t believe in corny prints or pastels … just like me … it’s like we were meant to be together! Lots and lots of adorable “little person” fashion clothes instead of cutesy tootsy baby things. This all leads in to the question I know you are thinking … WHY ARE YOU BUYING GIRL AND BOY THINGS? I’m thinking that too. Here are the reasons:

  • I am a shopping junkie and have a hard time saying no
  • Dominic has given me “permission” … he is gung-ho that we are starting our family and figures if this one is a boy, we’ll most likely end up with a girl soon (or vice versa)
  • We’ve 95% decided to keep the gender a surprise until it is born so I’ve got to have a little stock of both
  • Alot of boy things can be girl things if you add a bow/skirt/tights, etc.

Baby Name of the Week
DISCLAIMER: These are most likely very unrealistic … seeing that I have to get Dom’s clearance and he isn’t really feeling the same “unique” vibe as me.
Boy – Ryder
Girl – Truly (like the girl from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, except her last name won’t be Scrumptious)

What’s coming next … we’re waiting to hear back from Andaluz Waterbirth Center about insurance. This is where I really REALLY want to have our baby. From my research it looks like insurance will cover the birthing center fee, ultrasounds, and bloodwork. We’ll pay out of pocket for the midwife charge. Anxiously waiting the “real” answer so we can decide if this is where we’ll move forward. If not, I’m going to start researching OB options. My goal is to have a decision made by the 2nd week of March, because that’s the timeframe I’m supposed to have my first appointment where we’ll hopefully hear the heartbeat!

Love you all!

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