Awesome At Home Haircuts with The Haircut Box

Ready to hear about the discovery of the year?

It’s The Haircut Box … a bundle of supplies and lessons all about how to give awesome haircuts at home. I know, I know. That’s not your thing. You’re less than professional. You don’t want to mess up your little one’s hair.

But trust me, you can do this! Ashlie Sutton, a mom like us and a professional hairdresser, is unveiling all the secrets and giving parents the power to save money month after month by learning the priceless skill of at home haircuts.

You guys, I mean … just look at my handsome boys! Dominic took the reins on our monthly cut so I could snag some photos and I’m just in awe. With some quality tools (all included in The Haircut Box) and Ashlie’s easy to follow lessons, my boys are rockin’ fabulous cuts and Dominic and I saved close to $100! All in one hour’s time!

For the last few years we’ve alternated home cuts and barber ones. Basically, try to save a little and then go get it “fixed”.

I stumbled across Ashlie on Instagram and shared some of her tips with Dominic. He immediately said, “That’s what I’ve been doing wrong! Now I get how to blend and do the top better!” The middle mohawk has been our favorite “trick”. So genius!

Ashlie’s instructions are thorough and easy to follow. Trust me, I know how daunting it feels to take tools in your hand and make that first clip. But, YOU CAN DO IT! Well, you can do it with the help of Ashlie’s expertise and the right tools :)

Best of all, our boys much prefer home haircuts. Especially when we whip out the lollies!

Use code GRETCHEN for $15 off your order from The Haircut Box!

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