Chili Lime Corn on the Cob

A girl cannot live on corn alone … or can she?

With local corn in full harvest right now we have been serving it up multiple times a week. There is just nothing like fresh corn on the cob!

Sometimes we grill it, sometimes we smear my sister-in-law’s famous mayo spread on it, and sometimes we go all out with butter and Trader Joe’s Chili Lime Seasoning Blend. That’s my current favorite. It’s so, so good. Not spicy, but a very flavorful, wonderful heat.

Friends, buy fresh corn, buy this little bottle of magic, and trust me, you’ll be in end of summer heaven!

Now, here’s my recipe for quick and easy chili lime corn on the cob!

Grilled corn is probably my preference, but we really only toss it on the grill when we have something else cooking, other times I just microwave it. For 1-2 ears, 3 minutes. For 3-4 ears, 4 minutes. Don’t shuck it before microwaving, do that after and the silk will easily come off.

When the microwave beeps, pop open the door and let the corn sit for another minute or two before handling. It gets hot! When you do grab it, use a dish towel just to be safe. Shuck, rub off the silk, and snap off base … or leave it on for an easy handle. Now, you’re ready for the good stuff!

Before serving, lather in butter. Drench it! Corn on the cob should not be served light in the butter department. Then, sprinkle Trader Joe’s Chili Lime Seasoning Blend – a little or alot, whatever you prefer – and enjoy!

Do you have a favorite corn on the cob topping? I’d love to try out your recommendations!

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