15 Things You Might Find in My Kid’s Easter Baskets This Year

Easter is just a week or so away which means us mamas need to pull together treasures and treats for Easter baskets! I’ve been collecting things over the last while and recently locked myself in my closet to sort it all out. Do you do this too? I mocked up each basket to make sure I had a good mix of fun and snacks. I also needed to make sure baskets were going to appear “even” … with four kids it is quite the task!

My typical pattern for both stockings and baskets is one anchor gift and a few smaller things; usually something useful that I had already planned to purchase like a piece of clothing (Cat + Jack tees that were recently on sale) or art supplies (a fresh round of acrylic paints this year). Then I tuck in a few eggs filled with stickers or M&Ms (my kids love basic candy, lol!), and ta da … Easter bunny magic with a heavy dose of “Let’s all please remember why we really celebrate Easter” :) 

If you’re on the lookout for Easter basket options, here are a handful of ideas! Many are Amazon Prime things so they’ll arrive on your doorstep ASAP!

Easter Basket Gift Guide

Nature Journal — In anticipation of our spring and summer hikes, I scooped up this natural journal. It’s a great one for early elementary! This is great example of something I planned to buy that will double up as an Easter surprise.

Clear Mascara — My 8 year old daughter has started expressing some interest in make-up. Rather than say no (because holy moly NO!), I’m on the lookout for age appropriate skincare and some basic make-up like this clear mascara. I also ordered her a quality SPF moisturizer to work into her morning routine. 

Tree Top Applesauce Pouches — I’m not a huge fan of a morning sugar rush on Easter so many of the treats I add to baskets are delicious but not too sweet. The new clear pouch Tree Top applesauces are a win with our whole family – especially the Mango and Strawberry flavors! 

$5 Ice Cream Gift Card — My kids love paying for things themselves. Gifts cards in little increments are a great way to gift that fun. Ice cream, Starbucks (hello cake pops!), or another place your family frequents will most definitely be a win :)

Active Skin Repair Spray — I’m all about filling my kid’s baskets with things they’ll actually put to use; Easter baskets don’t have to be only toy and sugar-based (sense a theme here … my poor kids). With all our outdoor adventures it’s important that we have first aid items in our pack and this spray is a perfect addition. It’s nontoxic, natural, antibiotic free, and, best of all, it has no sting!

Elderberry Gummies — We love our liquid elderberry syrup from Jackie’s Oh Elderberry, but gummies something my kids love too.  We don’t always have them on hand so the kids will be excited for a new bottle!

Multicultural Sin Tone Markers — Our art projects have been limited by basic colors, this is a much needed upgrade. 

Color Wonder Travel Set — These are the best, so good for travel and little ones just learning to use markers. 

Love Does For Kids — In addition to individual baskets our bunny brings a few family gifts, one of which is a new family devotion. This year I chose Bob Goff’s Love Does For Kids! It just arrived and I flipped through it tonight … it’s so good! You can find some our other favorite devotions and storybooks are here.

Superhero Capes — Sets that come in 4 packs are a match made in heaven for our family! Everyone is getting a cape and mask in their basket this year :)

Boon Bath Toys — Easter is a perfect time to freshen up the bath toy assortment. We especially love the Boon Jellies.

Perler Beads — Do your kids perler bead? I have a love hate relationship with this project, buuuuuut it takes so much time and it gives kids such a great opportunity to focus and create. This woodland set is adorable and this vacuum is a must have.

Play Doh — I’m not in a make your own play dough season of life but we use it often and Easter is a perfect time to freshen up the stash. This sparkle variety is currently 50%! And I love that you can buy a pack and divide it into each child’s basket.

Match a Leaf: A Tree Memory Game — I didn’t buy this for this year, but it’s on my list as a wonderful anchor gift. Beautiful, educational, and fun … perfect for Easter!

Annie’s Bunny Crackers — Perfect snack for the bunny to bring! And there is a  available.

What kind of things are you tucking in your family’s Easter baskets this year? I’d love to hear your ideas!

Tree Top and Active sent us samples to check out their products. I wouldn’t have shared if we didn’t truly love them!


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