Hair Diaries: Summer Twist

Hair Diaries is a sneak peek into how I keep my mane tame. Jemma usually allows me 3.2 minutes to style my hair so everything is easy or out. Keep in mind that I have super thick, naturally wavy (also know as crazy) hair. It freaks out if I wash it everyday so styles are usually with day 2 or 3 hair … sometimes day 4 hair if I’m being completely honest.

This is probably one of my most favorite hair-dos. When I’m dressing up or just want to feel pretty – I’ll twist it up. Extra plus, I kind of feel like Anne Shirley with my hair like this.

I should be better at showing some step-by-steps. Basically, I use bobby pins to pull my hair into a half back and then twist and pin in two layers. Arranging as I go until I get to right look :) It never looks the same twice so don’t strive for perfection. There are probably a good 15 pins and 2 cans of hairspray holding this ‘do together. 15 pins for sure, definitely not THAT much hairspray, but way more than my normal day. Dove hairspray is my favorite – can’t beat the fresh smell. And price.

P.S. Have you discovered PicMonkey yet? By far my new fave photo editing site – collaging, fun fonts, and awesome labels like the purple sunburst I used above!

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