April Sponsor Love, Round Two

Financial Foundations offers an array of financial services (financial coaching and consulting, wealth building, tax preparation, small business coaching, credit clean-up, debt elimination, investment planning, and cash flow planning) in person around the Pacific Northwest as well as online Skype sessions.
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My name is Steph, the owner, creator, seamstress, and chief fabric chooser at Super Skivvies. Super Skivvies are the original and the worlds first CONVERTIBLE cloth potty training pants. They were developed from my own need for tiny training pants that would last longer than the few months it takes to train, and made of sustainable (sometimes upcycled) materials.
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LuckyVitamin.com was first established back in 2004 as one of the internets pioneers for online distribution of health and wellness products in the vitamin and supplement industry. Its founders had many years of experience in the natural health industry and wanted to bring that experience to the masses, hence LuckyVitamin.com was formed.
Their goal was simple. Carry the best selection of products, with the best prices and offer them to consumers through an attractive, easy to navigate, robust e-commerce portal. All while maintaining top-notch 5-star service to the customer. Years later we still operate on the same basic principles.
 Bog Berry dryer balls reduce dryer time- the more you use, the faster your clothes dry! Drying cloth diapers has never been so easy! They also soften clothes while reducing static and wrinkles. You can even apply essential oils before tossing them in the dryer to lightly scent your laundry and eliminate germs.  They are tactile little things and even better in person than in pictures. Uses for them are certainly not limited to your dryer. They make great toys ( they bounce, but wont break anything!), or a lovely rustic decoration when held in a wooden bowl or apothecary jar….the options are endless!
And, a little about Brooke … New England Blood with a Philadelphia address, Bookworm and wool enthusiast, Lover and lifelong student of medicinal herbs, and Mom to 3 year old Eleanor Wentworth!
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