Montessori Baby Room

Our humble abode has 3 upstairs bedrooms. Dominic, Jemma and I share the master. Our roomie and longtime friend rents one room and the third is an office/guest/craft/play room. That leaves zero space for Miss Jem to grow into. Right now, I’m not too concerned. Our lease is only through summer 2012 so we’ll be moving before Jem is 2 years old. In the meantime, I’m dreaming of how I’ll set up her space. 
This article on creating a Montessori Baby Room is my current love. I adore everything about it.
Features of a Montessori room are a floor bed, mobiles, low shelves, child size furniture, natural materials and a horizontal mirror. Pretty much a 100% baby proof room so they can wander and explore without restriction. It’s a safe zone.

I’m going to start collecting inspiration.

Here’s the start of my collection …

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