Baby training begins at birth

The below post is from PhD in Parenting. It was short and sweet so instead of referencing it I decided to just re-post it in its entirety. Very reassuring message for a mama who is a bit overwhelmed and in awe of this whole journey called motherhood …

At what age is it okay to start sleep training? When should you potty train your toddler? At what age should children learn to read? When do you lay down the law when it comes to table manners?
These are questions that parents ask and that many, many parenting books offer answers for. My answer, and the reason I don’t stress out about these things too much, is that parents should start teaching their children these things at birth and their children will respond when they are ready. Going from diapers to underwear, from being rocked to sleep to going to bed on your own, from throwing the food off the high chair tray to using a fork and knife correctly, none of those are things that happen suddenly or abruptly.

Some children will pick up some of these things more quickly than others and that is just the way that life goes. Just as some people excel in math and others in sports, some babies will sleep early and speak late, or sleep late and speak early. Some may be ahead of the curve on everything, making the parents feel competent, only to have them thrown off by a second baby who is completely different.
Start at birth. Be patient. Trust the process. Listen to your child, not to the books and not the calendar.

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